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AWS SDK for .NET Refresh for ASP.NET 5

Today we refreshed our ASP.NET 5 and CoreCLR support for the AWS SDK for .NET. This means we have pulled in all of the latest service updates, new services like AWS IoT, and enhancements from our stable 3.1 line of NuGet packages into new 3.2 beta versions of the SDK. Because there are a few remaining dependencies in our AWSSDK.Core package that are still in beta, we still need to keep our support in beta.

SDK Credentials Store

As part of CoreCLR support in the SDK, we have also enabled the SDK credentials store. The SDK credentials store is the encrypted storage for AWS credentials that you can manage using the AWS Explorer in Visual Studio. This means when you use the SDK on Windows and target the new CoreCLR runtime, the credential search pattern will be the same as the regular AWS SDK for .NET. On non-Windows platforms, we recommend using the shared credentials file.