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AWS SDK for .NET Status Update for .NET Core Support

The AWS SDK for .NET has included support for the .NET Core platform in our NuGet 3.2 beta packages since last September. With our recent push of version 3.2.6-beta to NuGet, we’ve switched from netstandard 1.5 to 1.3 to increase the SDK’s compatibility with other libraries. This version also includes many of the high-level abstractions and utility methods that were previously only available on the 3.5 and 4.5 .NET Framework versions of the SDK.

After some final testing and performance optimization, we will move our .NET Core support out of beta and into our master branch. (We’re currently investigating differences in the way HTTP connections are handled between .NET Framework and .NET Core.) At that point, we will bump the version number of all NuGet packages for the SDK to 3.3. Then .NET Core support for future service updates will be provided with the regular .NET Framework version of the SDK.

Now is a great time to give us feedback on our .NET Core support. Feel free to use the 3.2 beta versions of the SDK from NuGet and leave your feedback on our GitHub repository.