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AWS SDK for Ruby Core Developer Preview

A few months ago, Loren blogged about the upcoming version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. Shortly after that, we published our work-in-progress code to GitHub as aws/aws-sdk-core-ruby. I am happy to announce that AWS SDK Core has stabilized enough to enter a developer preview period. It currently supports 30+ services.

To install AWS SDK Core from Rubygems:

gem install aws-sdk-core --pre

Or with Bundler:

gem 'aws-sdk-core'

What is AWS SDK Core?

Version 2 of the Ruby SDK will separate the higher level service abstractions from the service clients. We are focusing our initial efforts to ensure the new client libraries are robust, extensible, and more capable than those in version 1. We are still exploring how best to migrate higher level abstractions from version 1 into version 2.

AWS SDK Core uses a different namespace. This allows you to install both aws-sdk and aws-sdk-core in the same application.

Versioning Strategy

AWS SDK Core is being released as version ‘2.0.0-rc.1’. This shows our intention that core will be the successor to the current Ruby SDK.

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