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Eclipse: New AWS Java Project Wizard

If you’re just getting started with the AWS SDK for Java, a great way to learn the SDK is through the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. In addition to all the tools in the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse for managing your AWS resources, deploying your applications, etc., there are also wizards for creating new AWS projects, including sample code to help get you started.

With the New AWS Java Project wizard, you can create a new Eclipse Java project, already configured with:

  • the AWS SDK for Java – including dependencies and full documentation and source attachment
  • your AWS security credentials – managed through Eclipse’s preferences
  • optional sample code demonstrating how to work with a variety of different AWS services

First, make sure that you have the latest plug-ins for the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse installed, available through the Eclipse Marketplace or directly from our Eclipse update site at

Once you have the Eclipse tools installed, open the New AWS Java Project wizard, either through the context menu in Package Explorer, or through the File -> New menu.

The New AWS Java Project wizard lets you pick the name for your project, your AWS security credentials, and any sample code that you want to start from. If you don’t have your AWS security credentials configured in Eclipse yet, the link in the wizard takes you directly to the Eclipse preferences where you can manage your AWS accounts.

Once you’ve completed the wizard, your project is all set up with the AWS SDK for Java, and you’re ready to begin coding against the AWS APIs. If you’ve configured your AWS security credentials, and selected any AWS samples to add to your application, you can immediately run the samples and begin experimenting with the APIs.

The Toolkit includes other new project wizards, too. A few months ago, we showed how to use the New AWS Android Project wizard. We plan on demonstrating the New AWS Java Web Project wizard soon.

What functionality in the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse do you find to be the most useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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