AWS Developer Tools Blog

Keeping Up with the Latest Release

In the past, we’ve used various means to announce new releases of the AWS SDK
for PHP. We’ve recently evaluated our options to decide which tools work best
with our release process, and are easiest for our users to consume.

The best way to track releases of the SDK is to use the “Releases” page of
our GitHub repo
. This page show links to all of the releases, and if you
navigate to a specific releases page, you can see the excerpt of the CHANGELOG
for that release, and download the aws.phar and GitHub allows you
to link directly to the latest release (i.e., and also provides a
Releases atom feed which gets updated each time we tag a release.

We also recommend that you follow @awsforphp on Twitter. We use this
account to make announcements about new releases, blog posts, etc., and often
tweet and retweet other things related to AWS and PHP. We also occasionally like
to ask questions, answer questions, and post tips about the AWS SDK for PHP.

Note: If you are currently subscribed to our PEAR channel’s RSS feed, you
should know that we are no longer making updates to the PEAR channel as of 9/15
(see End of Life of PEAR Channel for more details).

So, subscribe to the Releases atom feed and follow us on Twitter to
stay up-to-date with the SDK and make sure you don’t miss out on any new
features or announcements.