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Make the Most of Community Resources for AWS SDKs and Tools

As the new year gets well underway, we want to be sure you know the best ways to get help, keep up to date, and join the conversation about tools you use to build on AWS. We’ve recently refreshed our SDK and CLI README files on GitHub with links to Stack Overflow for getting help. It’s a great time to give you an overview of community resources that we hope make it easier for you to develop using AWS. Let us know what you think!

Get Help
We use GitHub for tracking bugs and feature requests: .NET | Java | JavaScript | PHP | Ruby | Python | Go | C++ | CLI

We use Stack Overflow for general help questions. Use these tags for our SDKs and CLI:

Chat with the Community
We ❤ our gitter channels for the CLI and SDKs. We regularly participate in conversations with developers building on AWS to share ideas, get feedback, and answer questions in the context of a community chat. Join the community by checking out our gitter channels: .NET | Java | JavaScript | PHP | Ruby | Python | Go | CLI

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