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Release: AWS SDK for PHP 2.4.3

We would like to announce the release of version 2.4.3 of the AWS SDK for PHP. This release adds support for the Amazon Simple Notification Service mobile push API, adds progress reporting on snapshot restore operations for Amazon Redshift, and addresses an issue with directories and the Amazon S3 stream wrapper.


  • Updated the Amazon SNS client API to support mobile push
  • Updated the Amazon Redshift client API to support progress reporting on snapshot restore operations
  • Updated the Amazon Elastic MapReduce client to now use JSON serialization and AWS Signature V4 to securely sign requests
  • AWS SDK for PHP clients now throw AwsCommonExceptionTransferException exceptions when a network error occurs instead of a GuzzleHttpExceptionCurlException. The TransferException class, however, extends from GuzzleHttpExceptionCurlException. You can continue to catch the Guzzle CurlException or catch AwsCommonExceptionAwsException to catch any exception that can be thrown by an AWS client.
  • Fixed an issue with the Amazon S3 stream wrapper where trailing slashes were being added when listing directories

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