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Symmetric Encryption/Decryption in the AWS SDK for C++ with std::iostream

Cryptography is hard in any programming language. It is especially difficult in platform-portable native code where we don’t have the advantage of a constant platform implementation. Many customers have asked us for an Amazon S3 encryption client that is compatible with the Java and Ruby clients. Although we are not ready to release that yet, […]

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AWS SDK for C++: Simplified Configuration and Initialization

Many of our users are confused by initializing and installing a memory manager, enabling logging, overriding the HTTP stack, and installing custom cryptography implementations. Not only are these tasks confusing, they are tedious and require an API call to set up and tear down each component. To make matters worse, on some platforms, we were […]

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Using a Thread Pool with the AWS SDK for C++

The default thread executor implementation we provide for asynchronous operations spins up a thread and then detaches it. On modern operating systems, this is often exactly what we want. However, there are some other use cases for which this simply will not work. For example, suppose we want to fire off asynchronous calls to Amazon […]

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