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AWS at Web & PHP Con 2013

by Jeremy Lindblom | on | in PHP | Permalink | Comments |  Share

In September, I was able to attend and speak at Web & PHP Con in San Jose, CA. It was great to be around a good group of PHP developers, talk about web development and AWS, and meet new friends. Getting Good with the AWS SDK for PHP On Wednesday, September 17th, I gave a […]

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Deploying Ruby Applications to AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Git

by Loren Segal | on | in Ruby | Permalink | Comments |  Share

With the release of Ruby container support on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, it is now possible to deploy Rails (or any Rack-based) applications onto the AWS infrastructure in just a few easy steps. The container is backed by Amazon EC2 and automatically provisions the machines to use Phusion Passenger (with nginx under the hood). You can […]

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