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AWS at Web & PHP Con 2013

In September, I was able to attend and speak at Web & PHP Con in San
Jose, CA. It was great to be around a good group of PHP developers, talk about web development and AWS, and meet new

Getting Good with the AWS SDK for PHP

On Wednesday, September 17th, I gave a talk called Getting Good with the AWS SDK for PHP. In my session, I gave a
brief introduction to AWS and its services, taught how to use the AWS SDK for PHP, and walked through some code examples
from a small PHP application built with the SDK using Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Here is the
slide deck, page, and Lanyrd page for the

Git Educated About Git

On September 18th, I gave a talk called Git Educated About Git – 20 Essential Commands
(slide deck). This talk was not
related to AWS or the AWS SDK for PHP, but I used the development of the SDK as a use case during the presentation.
Since we work on a combination of both publicly available and unannounced features, we don’t have a single canonical
repository. Instead we have two remotes, our public GitHub repository and another private, internal repository. For fun,
I also wrote and performed a song called You’re Doing Git! during my session, and you can watch the performance on

Attending PHP Conferences

I’ve enjoyed my opportunities to attend various PHP and developer conferences and user group meetings throughout this
year. I’ve found it to be a great opportunity to connect to PHP developers and help them learn more about developing on
AWS and with the AWS SDK for PHP. I hope to see you at future conferences.