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FSI Service Spotlight: Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK)

In this edition of the Financial Services Industry (FSI) Services Spotlight monthly blog series, we highlight five key considerations of Amazon MSK: achieving compliance, data protection, isolation of compute environments, automating audits with APIs, and operational access and security respectively. Each of the five areas includes specific guidance, suggested reference architectures, and technical code that […]

AB InBev leading the way with omnichannel DTC ecosystem of fast-growing ecommerce platforms and nearly 13,000 brick-and-mortar retail stores

If any company can bring delight to millions of retailers and consumers all over the world, that company would be Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), the world’s largest brewer. Working hand-in-hand since 2016 with VTEX, a leading enterprise digital commerce platform that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), AB InBev has launched state-of-the-art ecommerce technologies for […]

Mercado Libre uses AWS to provide scalable, secure ecommerce to its 80 million customers

Headquartered in Argentina, Mercado Libre is the largest online commerce and payments provider in Latin America with 80 million active users across 18 countries. It offers ecommerce solutions so that individuals and companies can buy, sell, pay, advertise, and ship products through the internet. The scalability, security, and performance that comes with building on AWS […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Ep. 1: Differences between IT and OT security

It’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!  In 2003, the National Cybersecurity Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security designated October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. To recognize this annual tradition, join AWS for a 4-part mini-series highlighting the different ways cybersecurity impacts your industrial landscape, especially since, as Caroline points out, “Over the pandemic, cyber events […]

Addressing Health Equity through Remote Patient Monitoring and Continuity of Care

Addressing Health Equity through Remote Patient Monitoring and Continuity of Care

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs are gaining momentum as healthcare organizations focus on improving Health Equity―aimed at addressing health disparities that impact underserved or underrepresented communities. This article discusses a solution utilizing RPM, and interoperability standards for healthcare, to achieve health equity goals. The Current Situation In a traditional healthcare model, the burden is placed […]

Network considerations for healthcare workloads on AWS

Network considerations for healthcare workloads on AWS

Healthcare organizations are shifting more of their workloads to the cloud. These workloads, including medical imaging, present unique challenges due to their complexity, size, and requirements. Learn how to architect for success by addressing network considerations that exist when designing connectivity between the provider network and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Architecture Healthcare solutions create unique […]

Roche advances personalized healthcare using multi-modal data on AWS

Roche advances personalized healthcare using multi-modal data on AWS

Blog guest-authored by Mustaqhusain Kazi, Global Head of Roche Informatics Strategy and Digital Innovation, and Neeraj Agarwal, Distinguished Enterprise Architect, Foundational Tech, PHC and Science at Roche. In the 1990s, the “blockbuster model” reigned supreme, with pharmaceutical companies designing therapies for larger populations with a one-size-fits-all approach. Today, with increased digitization and an explosion of patient […]

Deliveroo’s successful food delivery operation uses AWS in every part of its core business

Founded in 2013, Deliveroo works with more than 140,000 restaurants, 10,000 grocery partners and 150,000 riders, delivering meals in over 800 cities across Europe and Asia. When Deliveroo turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2017, meeting demand was a key challenge. Using AWS has allowed Deliveroo to improve service quality, reducing food delivery times by […]

GroceryShop 2022: 10 takeaways

This year’s GroceryShop was one of the best to date. This event has become “the” grocery industry event of the year and is a must-attend event for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. There were excellent senior leadership speakers. Relevant, targeted content. A focused and lively presentation approach. A space for start-ups and new industry […]

Bringing checkout-free technology into your in-store retail environment

Embedding technology in your brick-and-mortar store can be intimidating, but the payoff in enhanced consumer experience and better operational performance can be significant. Here are three things you should consider before you embrace checkout-free technology. Today, delivering a positive customer experience is more important than ever before. This is one of the key takeaways of […]