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OEMs accelerate automated feature development with new Amazon EC2 DL2q instances, powered by the Qualcomm Cloud AI 100

OEMs accelerate automated feature development with new Amazon EC2 DL2q instances, powered by the Qualcomm Cloud AI 100

At IAA MOBILITY in September 2023, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. underscored the companies’ efforts to co-innovate purpose-built industry solutions with Qualcomm Technologies. We’ve now reached the first major milestone in the companies’ joint efforts with the general availability of new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) DL2q instances. Powered by Qualcomm® […]

Amazon Joins the Eclipse Foundation with a Focus on Software-Defined Vehicles feature card

Amazon Joins the Eclipse Foundation with a Focus on Software-Defined Vehicles

In November 2023, Amazon joined the Eclipse Foundation and its Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group. Amazon’s membership demonstrates its commitment to the automotive and transportation industries, including how open source software and standards can help support these sectors. This blog post provides insights into the business and architectural vision behind Amazon’s membership and why […]

Accelerate connected vehicle deployment feature card

Accelerate connected vehicle deployment with the Connected Mobility Solution on AWS

AWS is pleased to announce significant improvements to our Connected Mobility Solution (CMS), including the addition of an Automotive Cloud Developer Portal (ACDP). These enhancements include advanced DevOps features, deployment tools a like Cloud Formation and Cloud Developer Kit (CDK), and new plugins and metrics to help improve development and operational oversight of Connected Vehicle Platforms. Importantly, […]

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics with AWS IoT FleetWise and Amazon Connect

Remote vehicle diagnostics is the ability to remotely detect and diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Connected mobility and improvements in On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) have made it possible to remotely diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Prior to connected vehicles the repair process was reactive. Service centers had little insight into vehicle malfunctions until they were brought in and inspected. Service […]

Pictured University of Michigan Solar Car Team’s Astrum race car

University of Michigan student team develops an energy efficient solar car with High Performance Computing (HPC) on AWS

Driving a car powered only by light rays from the sun, across a 3000 km wide continent, in the shortest possible time, is no easy task. The University of Michigan’s solar car team is heading off to do exactly that, with help from High Performance Computing (HPC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The student team […]

Figure 1 Technical Architecture Overview

A Cloud-Native Environment for Distributed Automotive Software Development

Car drivers have become users that expect new and updatable features and a digital user experience in addition to driving comfort and safety. OEMs are thus committed to lay the foundations for faster innovation through a concept called Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV). This blog post demonstrates an example of how ETAS and AWS collaborate on cloud-native […]

Digital supply management using advanced analytics and serverless architecture on AWS

The BMW Group is headquartered in Munich, Germany, where the company oversees 149,000 employees worldwide and manufactures cars and motorcycles in over 30 production sites across 15 countries. This multinational production strategy follows an even more international and extensive supplier network. Supply chain volatility has significantly increased in the past years: first, driven by the semiconductor crisis, and subsequently by disruptions that affect […]

Simulating Automotive E/E Architectures in AWS Part 2: Solution in Action

This is the second blog post in our 2-part series that provides guidance on how to simulate automotive Electrical/Electronic (E/E) architectures in AWS. In part 1, we discussed the trends in automotive E/E architectures and the general concepts and challenges facing automakers around simulation of Electronic Control Unit (ECU) software utilizing the cloud. In this […]

Simulating Automotive E/E Architectures in AWS – Part 1: Accelerating the V-Model

Over the last 15 years, the complexity of automotive Electrical/Electronic (E/E) architectures which include Electronic Control Units (ECUs), related sensors, actuators, and wiring inside vehicles has grown. Rather than continuing to add new hardware components to E/E architectures, automakers are shifting towards consolidating smaller, fixed-function ECUs into a larger High Performance Computer (HPC) while retaining […]

Figure 1 Solution Overview for data processing and data management

Scaling Automated Driving data processing and data management with BMW Group on AWS

Autonomous driving (AD) and highly automated driving are key technologies in the automotive industry. Fully realized, they have the potential to fundamentally transform the automotive and mobility industries through improved comfort and safety and new business models for automobile manufacturers. The BMW Group is one of the leading OEMs in the automotive industry. This year, […]