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Media content localization with AWS AI services and Amazon Bedrock

This blog post walks through a content localization approach where English is translated to Korean. In media production, subtitling plays a crucial role in augmenting viewer comprehension by providing transcriptions that facilitate translation from one language to another. This capability has helped expedite the globalization of media content. For example, the popular Netflix show Squid […]

Maestro brings monetization and interactivity to streaming with Amazon IVS

Video is a powerful tool for businesses and brands, but delivering a high-quality, engaging stream to viewers requires complex technology on the backend. Maestro, a white-label solution for creating powerful direct-to-consumer video experiences, provides tools for customers to create live and on-demand video businesses by simplifying the setup, management, and monetization of interactive live streams. […]

Inside the NFL’s innovative fan data platform powered by AWS

Discover how the NFL uses AWS technology to transform fan engagement, offering personalized experiences and real-time insights through a cutting-edge data platform. When Paul Ballew became Chief Data & Analytics Officer at the National Football League (NFL) in 2021, one of his key priorities was to develop a unified view of the League’s fans across […]

Revolutionizing fan engagement: Bundesliga generative AI-powered live commentary

Many football (or soccer, in the United States) fans follow teams and leagues from around the world, regardless of their native country or continent. What truly matters is their love for the game and their devotion to specific teams or players abroad. However, fans may encounter difficulty accessing live game updates for their favorite foreign team, […]

Managing the history of the NFL

With such an abundance of National Footb­all League (NFL) programming available to modern fans, it’s easy to forget that coverage was once limited to game day broadcasts. Since launching in 2003, NFL Media has evolved into a sports entertainment powerhouse, publishing content through its own and partner channels, and a direct-to-consumer app. In addition to […]

Media2Cloud on AWS Guidance: Scene and ad-break detection and contextual understanding for advertising using generative AI

Overview Contextual advertising matches advertisements to the content a user consumes, creating a personalized advertising experience. It involves three key players: publishers (website or content owners), advertisers, and consumers. Publishers provide the platform and content, while advertisers create contextually tailored ads. Consumers engage with the content, and relevant ads display based on context. A challenge […]

Create a conda package and channel for AWS Deadline Cloud

AWS Deadline Cloud is a fully managed service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables you to have a scalable, fully managed visual compute farm up and running in minutes. Executing render jobs for digital content creation (DCC) applications like Blender, Houdini, Maya, and Nuke can be a rapid, turnkey experience with Deadline Cloud Sevice-Managed Fleets […]

Charting the journey to IP video distribution

IP video distribution is transforming the content journey, and paving the way to a more cost-efficient, sustainable future for the broadcast industry. While largely invisible to the consumer, the transition to IP has required a convergence of great technological minds. Diving deeper into the topic, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Principal GTM Specialist Rory McVicar caught […]

How to: Use AudioShake to improve accuracy in localization, transcription, and captioning workflows on AWS

This blog is co-authored by Jessica Powell, AudioShake. Introduction A significant market opportunity exists for individual creators and organizations to provide transcription, dubbing, and captioning services to reach global audiences rapidly. By quantifying demand and optimizing these services, providers can deliver high-quality viewing experiences for consumers worldwide. Automated speech recognition (ASR), artificial intelligence (AI), and […]

4 new ways AWS customers are using Amazon Bedrock to transform advertising and marketing

AWS customers reveal generative AI-powered technologies at Cannes Lions, debut data privacy advancements The advertising and marketing industry is no stranger to rapid transformation. At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity June 17—21, thousands of advertising, marketing, and media and entertainment professionals from around the world come together to celebrate innovative work and discuss […]