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Viaduct’s David Hallac on Capturing the Value of Automotive Data

Driving remains one of the quintessential American activities. Over 90 percent of US households have at least one car, and drivers spend an average of around 290 hours a year in their vehicles. And, thanks to the auto industry’s recent embrace of data technology, much of that time on the road now produces an enormous amount of useful information. David Hallac is the founder and CEO of Viaduct, a new company creating a machine learning platform for managing, analyzing, and monetizing that data.

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Klaxoon’s Charles Kergaravat on the Future of Work, Collaboration Tools, and Scaling with AWS

The average executive spends 16 years of his or her life in a meeting. That’s a quite a bit of time, so it makes sense to try to maximize meetings for efficiency and productivity. That’s where Klaxoon comes in. A collaborative platform designed to improve teamwork, Klaxoon lets everyone in a meeting share information and feel as if the’re being heard. To help spread the meeting revolution, Klaxoon, led by Charles Kergaravat, Director of International Marketing, is currently on a 11-week, 16-city teamwork tour, where they’re traveling the world in a truck and sharing productivity tips, workshops, and demos from the world’s biggest organizations.

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Carlabs Brings AI-Based Customer Service to the Auto Industry

Founded in 2015, offers an artificial intelligence-based customer service platform for the auto industry. Previously, car manufacturers had little contact with the end user. They’d sell the cars to a dealer, who then would do the customer interaction work. Consumers these days all want a direct connection with a brand, and that connection is what helps facilitate.

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DeepMap Charts the Future of Automated Driving

Perhaps you think the world is already sufficiently mapped. With the advent of satellite images and Google Street View, it seems like every square inch of the globe is represented in data. But for autonomous vehicles, much of the world is uncharted territory. That’s because the maps designed for humans “can’t be consumed by robots,” says Tom Wang, the director of engineering at DeepMap, a Palo Alto startup that provides HD maps for self-driving cars.

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Accelerating-Startup-Growth-How-NVIDIA-and-AWS-are-Collaborating-to-Grow-AI Startups

Accelerating Startup Growth: How NVIDIA and AWS are Collaborating to Grow AI Startups

Guest contribution by Serge Lemonde, Global AI Startups Program Director at NVIDIA To help some of today’s hottest AI startups innovate and grow, they’re gaining access to advanced technology, training and support – all at no charge – thanks to a new collaboration between NVIDIA and AWS. Starting today, members of the companies’ startup programs— […]

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On the Road, Again: A New Approach to Understanding the Patient Journey Through the Healthcare System

Guest Post by Natasha Udpa and Nick Friedman, Product Strategy Leadership, Komodo Health In the 10 years since the HITECH Act spurred the healthcare industry to digitize data, and with the ensuing explosion of patient data, the healthcare industry has been looking for more data-driven approaches to understanding the patient experience. The trillions of data […]

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