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Manage IoT device state anywhere using AWS IoT Device Shadow service and AWS IoT Greengrass

Introduction Internet of Things (IoT) developers often need to implement a robust mechanism for managing IoT device state either locally or remotely. A typical example is a smart home radiator, an IoT device where you can use the built-in control panel to adjust the temperature (device state), or trigger temperature adjustment messages remotely from a […]

How to manage AWS IoT Greengrass core device certificates

Introduction We’re very pleased to introduce the Certificate Rotator component for AWS IoT Greengrass, a new component in the Greengrass Software Catalog. AWS IoT Greengrass brings the AWS cloud closer to edge devices to support applications that demand local data processing and low latency. The growing number of edge devices in consumer, enterprise, and industrial […]

Sharing a vision for a more connected world with AWS IoT

AWS IoT VP, Yasser Alsaied, talks IoT strategy, commitment, and outlook Introduction The future of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a topic of ongoing discussion and speculation. With implications for IoT hyperscalers, vendors, and customers alike, the landscape is rapidly evolving. To shed light on this topic, I spoke with Yasser Alsaied, vice […]

Setup and flow

How to get started with the new shared subscriptions in AWS IoT Core

Introduction The new shared subscriptions feature in AWS IoT Core brings the load balancing capability to multiple subscribing MQTT sessions or consumers. While non-shared subscription sends all the published messages to all its subscribers, shared subscription sends a published message to only one of its subscribers in a random manner. In this blog post, we’ll […]

Convert glTF to 3D Tiles for streaming of large models in AWS IoT TwinMaker

Introduction Have you experienced long wait times when loading up a 3D scene in AWS IoT TwinMaker? Perhaps struggling with poor rendering performance when navigating a complex 3D model? There is a way to convert your models into the 3D Tiles standard for efficient streaming in a scene. In this blog you will learn how […]

Introducing TLS 1.3 support in AWS IoT Core

Introduction We’re very pleased to announce that AWS IoT Core now supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.3 amongst its transport security options. TLS 1.3 offers customers enhanced security and performance as compared to TLS 1.2. Customers can configure the TLS version for their default Amazon Trust Services (ATS) data plane endpoint and for their […]

Using MicroPython to get started with AWS IoT Core

Introduction Customers ask how they can get started with AWS IoT using the devices and languages they are familiar with. To help address this need, AWS has published tutorials such as connecting a Raspberry Pi and creating a virtual device with Amazon EC2 in the AWS IoT Core Developer Guide. This blog walks you through […]

Patterns for building IoT based asset tracking solutions with AWS IoT Core Device Location

Introduction Businesses are recognizing the potential of location based systems, which gives them the ability to track and manage their assets, improving operations. By having a robust asset tracking system in place, organizations gain the capability to capture real-time insights and make informed business decisions. Some common Internet of Things (IoT) use cases for AWS […]

Optimize image classification on AWS IoT Greengrass using ONNX Runtime

Introduction Performing machine learning inference on edge devices using models trained in the cloud has become a popular use case in Internet of Things (IoT) as it brings the benefits of low latency, scalability, and cost savings. When deploying models to edge devices with limited compute and memory, developers have the challenge to manually tune […]

Protecting Linux-based IoT devices against unintended USB access

Introduction The Internet of Things (IoT) industry continues to grow at an aggressive pace. As the number of connected devices ramps up, managing security of these devices at scale can be challenging. One of the potential risks that IoT devices face is unintended USB access, which can occur when an unauthorized connection is made through […]