Accelerate your finance transformation on AWS with Magnitude SourceConnect

This post was co-authored by Ulf Liljensten, Partner Development Specialist at AWS and Carsten Hilker, Product Manager, SAP S/4HANA Central Finance at SAP SE Introduction: Finance Transformation Challenges For many enterprises, sophisticated SAP estates combined with highly complex system landscapes of non-SAP systems is a reality. These SAP systems support diverse and complex business processes […]

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New innovations for SAP on AWS customers

Introduction Another SAP Sapphire is upon us! After a few years off from an in-person Sapphire event, we are super excited to be back in Orlando this year to meet with customers, partners, and colleagues face to face. We’ll have a full team of SAP technical experts and members of the SAP on AWS leadership […]

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SAP integration with Lookout for vision

Proactively detect and prevent manufacturing defects with SAP on AWS

This post was written by Ganesh Suryanarayanan, Krishnakumar Ramadoss, Joseph Rosing and Manoj Muthukrishnan. Introduction Machine learning increasingly enables a lower total cost of quality by detecting defects faster (in some cases predicting them) and augmenting traditional six sigma business process improvements with scalable, low-cost solutions. However, like many industrial machine learning use cases, the […]

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Extend your SAP business processes using Amazon AppFlow and AWS native services

Introduction Our customers increasingly want to combine their SAP and non-SAP data in a single data lake and analytics solution to bridge siloed data and drive deeper business insights. Last year, we launched the Amazon AppFlow SAP OData Connector to make it easier for customers to get value out of SAP data with AWS services. […]

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SAP Disaster Recovery Solution Using CloudEndure: Part 2 Failback

In the previous blog, we covered failover from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Primary region to AWS Disaster Recovery Region with CloudEndure Disaster Recovery. In this blog post, we will walk you through a failback of your productive workload from the DR region to the primary Region. There are a variety of reasons for doing a […]

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The Picture depicts the RTO and RPO in SAP Disaster Recovery

SAP Disaster Recovery Solution Using CloudEndure: Part 1 Failover

Disasters due to natural calamities, application failures, or service failures not only causes downtime for business applications but also cause data loss, and revenue impact. To mitigate the impacts of such scenarios, Disaster Recovery (DR) planning is critical for organizations running mission-critical and business-critical applications such as SAP. In this blog, we will walk through […]

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Automate SAP HANA database restore using AWS Systems Manager

Introduction: For many customers, SAP system copies are one of the routine maintenance activities. SAP system copies are a defined sequence of steps to copy SAP production data to non-production environments. In this blog post, we discuss about automating the SAP HANA database restore. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Backint Agent for SAP HANA is an […]

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Solution architecture

Maintain an SAP landscape inventory with AWS Systems Manager and Amazon Athena

Introduction Effective maintenance and operation of SAP systems rely on access to system information to support decision-making. Inquiries about, for example, SAP kernel version, installed ABAP components, or simply active SAP systems are often part of IT operation activities. Furthermore, these inquiries are typically more elaborate, for example, listing systems matching a particular version of […]

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Automating SAP installation with open-source tools

Introduction We’ve already demonstrated in our first blog post how to provision the infrastructure for SAP applications using Terraform, and in our second blog post we added in automation of SAP software installation using Systems Manager. Now it is time to go deeper with open-source common tools like Jenkins and Ansible to have the SAP […]

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Set up observability for SAP HANA databases with Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights

Introduction SAP applications support mission-critical business processes, so customers want to be able to identify and resolve issues impacting their SAP HANA databases quickly. However, SAP workloads have unique requirements and consumption patterns, and getting HANA-specific intelligence can be complex. Further, when issues are identified, finding root cause can also be difficult. Since 2019, AWS […]

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