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Nasser Chanda with a Payermang employee

Meet the CEO Who Helps His Medium Sized Business Grow Faster in the Cloud

Transforming your own business to help your customers transform theirs is smart business. Our team at Amazon Web Services (AWS) worked with Paymerang, a 200+ employee company based in Virginia, USA, to help them add new capabilities, improve security, and deliver new customer solutions, faster. We recently talked with CEO Nasser Chanda about how his […]

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Woman standing in large manufacturing plant near machinery

Small and Medium Manufacturers: Are You Putting Your Data to Work?

Running a manufacturing business takes gut instinct coupled with experience to navigate changing markets. It is challenging to be resilient in the face of volatility and competitive pressure. But challenges bring opportunities, and today’s small and medium-sized manufacturer has a new tool to add to the toolbox—data. A lot of data. So how do you […]

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Two executives walking the plant floor in a manufacturing facility

Three Reasons Small and Medium Businesses Should Use the Cloud to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

Did you know 61% of small businesses say their supply chains have been disrupted by the pandemic and worker shortages? As a result, 63% say they had to alter their supply chains in the past six months. This impact has forced businesses to refocus on how to improve operationally. For small and medium-sized businesses especially, […]

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Woman in front of two computer monitors assessing her workflow

Five Ways Small and Medium Businesses Can Keep Data Safer and Save Money

Small and medium-sized businesses are committed to protecting the security of their company and customer data, often at great cost. Keeping data safer and saving money while doing it is challenging with traditional IT models. Expert staff is required to constantly monitor traffic, regularly update software and hardware with the latest patches, and comply with […]

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Technical diagram about cloud strategies

A Simple Way for Growing Businesses to Migrate Their Data to the Cloud

It should come as no surprise that cloud adoption is growing year-over-year as customer’s needs continue to evolve. Specifically in Germany, I am noticing automotive, healthcare, fintech, and other companies of all sizes are already benefitting from reduced infrastructure costs and complexity. But this trend is much wider and global in scale. So why haven’t […]

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