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4Asset office with people working at a table

How One Small Business Launched Products Twice as Fast Because of the Cloud

Ambitious small and medium businesses (SMBs) know the importance of modernizing their systems—it can help them better serve customers, understand trends, and enhance security to name just a few benefits. Brazil-based software firm 4Asset is a provider of software solutions and tools for customers working with the territorial and socio-environmental regulatory processes of land management. […]

Two business owners discussing their cloud transformation journey on a production floor

Gaining Deeper Insights into Manufacturing and Sales with Cloud Technology

For small and medium businesses (SMBs) with a strong sense of tradition, it can be difficult to navigate modern-day challenges like inflation and supply chain disruption. Birra Menabrea is an Italian brewing firm that was founded over 175 years ago and now produces nearly 6.6 million gallons of beer annually, roughly 20 percent of which […]

Two colleagues sitting side by side in an office completing training in front of a computer monitor

Top 5 IT Investment Stories Small and Medium Business Leaders Are Reading (2022 Edition)

As the 2022 calendar year comes to a close, small and medium businesses (SMBs) such as yours are likely planning ahead for the new year. Whether your financial and operational plans are fully finalized or still being adjusted, there is one line item that doesn’t cost anything: curiosity. Smart businesses recognize how important it is […]