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Data-Driven SMBs Financially Outperform Their Competitors—and the Gap Is Widening

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are engines of innovation, capable of doing a lot with very little, and they’re always looking for new ways to gain a competitive edge. In hotly contested markets, the success of any business relies on its ability to differentiate itself. It’s why excitement around artificial intelligence (AI)—especially generative AI—has reached […]

Asian woman using mobile device

Powering Mental Health Assessments with AI: An SMB’s Innovative Solution

Current mental healthcare screening practices are tedious and error-prone, which cuts into valuable time that healthcare providers could spend on treatment and care. Fortunately, Aiberry is one of the few small and medium businesses (SMBs) at the cutting edge of healthcare technology. Inspired by military applications, it has developed an advanced platform for assessing mental […]

MagellanTV employees reviewing localization workflows

How One SMB Automates Content Localization with Generative Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge enriches our lives. There’s always something more that we can learn about the world around us, our cultures, and histories—even our futures. MagellanTV is a documentary streaming service committed to helping its viewers access stories that contribute to a lifetime of learning. Founded in 2018, this small business is based in Armonk, New York, […]

Three Common Misconceptions About Cloud Security That are Holding Back Small and Medium Businesses

Growth is essential for businesses of all sizes, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) continue to migrate their data to the cloud as a way to access better insights, scale more easily, collaborate more efficiently from anywhere, and save on IT costs. But a survey conducted by Amazon Web Services found that while SMBs are […]

Healthcare provider adding patient data to her desktop computer in an office setting.

Saving Millions in Healthcare Claims Processing Costs with AI Workflows

Imagine having such a fast-growing small or medium business (SMB) that your team can’t scale as fast as it brings on new clients. While many might view this as a challenge, one Amazon Web Services customer, MDaudit, saw it as an opportunity to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its auditing workflow to improve operations. They […]

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Forrester Insights: The Competitive Advantage of Data and Analytics for Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the global economic bedrock because their health is essential to the growth of the wider economy. However, their size often makes them vulnerable to uncertainties and fluctuations in the market. But that size also makes them agile, and SMBs can see significant gains by employing a smart, comprehensive data […]