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Getting Started with Istio on Amazon EKS

In the dynamic landscape of modern architecture, making microservices work seamlessly in the cloud can be a puzzle. The transition to microservices often brings complexities related to traffic management, security, and observability. This is where Istio steps in, offering a comprehensive service mesh solution that streamlines these challenges. Istio is an open source service mesh […]

Enhancing an internal developer platform with Crossplane on EKS with SIXT

Enhancing an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) with Crossplane on EKS at SIXT

SIXT is a leading global mobility provider serving customers in over 100 countries worldwide. The company is committed to creating an exciting customer journey by delivering premium service and products. To deliver on its customer promise, SIXT is empowering its software developers to provide new and update existing features quickly. They modernized their applications as […]

Behind the scenes on AWS open source

Behind the Scenes on AWS Contributions to Open Source Databases

AWS engineers are significant contributors to the open source databases that our managed services are built on and that our customers depend on. Aurora PostgreSQL and MySQL-compatible editions and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB, are AWS services built on, or compatible with, open source databases.