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Introducing Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB: A managed service for the popular open source time-series database

AWS recently announced Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB, our latest managed time-series database engine for customers who want open source APIs and real-time, time-series applications. Customers need to store and manage more time-series data than ever in order to power data-driven insights and real-time decision-making. Time-series applications continue to be critical for infrastructure monitoring, fleet management, and IoT applications, with wide-spread adoption across a vast array of sectors including network security, media and entertainment, and gaming.

Virtually all data we collect and analyze is inherently linked to specific points in time. Timestream for InfluxDB offers the functionalities of the InfluxDB 2.7 release and adds the capabilities of a managed service, such as Multi-AZ high availability. Our managed service saves time and money from operating the open source database across the entire lifecycle of time-series data, from ingestion to analysis, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to your organization.

From the beginning of this project, we recognized that its success depended on building a constructive and reciprocal partnership with InfluxData, the creator of InfluxDB. Our focus was always to make sure that we reach an equally beneficial agreement that would not only ensure a long term commitment and benefits for both parties but also provide an uninterrupted influx of updates and enhancements to our customers.

Partnering with InfluxData to launch this service was crucial to delivering the best managed open source solution to customers. Driven by this belief, we developed the service to allow customers to add licensed enhancements from InfluxData, entirely integrated into the AWS Service console. This blend of innovation and teamwork underscores our dedication to delivering services that meet the constantly evolving needs of our customers.

“The future of open source is powered by the public cloud—reaching the broadest community through simple entry points and practical user experience. Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB delivers on that vision,” said Paul Dix Co-Founder and CTO of InfluxData. “Our partnership with AWS turns InfluxDB open source into a force multiplier for time series from real-time to analytics, making it easier than ever for developers to build and scale their time-series workloads on AWS.”

Why Timestream for InfluxDB?

InfluxDB’s ascent as the leading open source time-series database is the result of both the visionary approach of InfluxData and the vibrant community that has rallied around it. From its inception, InfluxDB was designed to tackle the unique challenges of time-series data, offering unparalleled speed and flexibility. What truly sets InfluxDB apart, however, is the symbiotic relationship between InfluxData and its community.

InfluxData has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to open source principles, actively incorporating feedback, fostering innovation, and ensuring that the database is not just a tool, but a platform that evolves with its users’ needs. The community, in turn, has played a critical role in enriching InfluxDB’s ecosystem, contributing to its code, developing plugins for its Telegraf agent, and sharing knowledge across forums and documentation. This dynamic collaboration has propelled InfluxDB to the forefront of the time-series database space, making it a prime example of how a company and its community can work together to achieve success.

Responding to the clear feedback we’ve received from our customers, there is a high need for sub-50ms query response times for their critical operations. This requirement is particularly vital for use cases such as IoT sensor networks, which are tasked with monitoring and managing critical infrastructure in real-time, and providing rapid alerts. Additionally, users of e-commerce platforms consistently rely on real-time analytics to dynamically adjust promotions being highlighted to customers and inventory based on live customer interactions. InfluxDB provides an optimized architecture and query processing capabilities, which enable the platform to meet and exceed these low-latency performance expections.

Prior to the recent launch of Timestream for InfluxDB, the InfluxData presence on AWS was primarily through their Enterprise licensed solution, rather than providing services for open source InfluxDB. This limitation highlighted a gap for users who sought the flexibility and innovation inherent in open source projects, alongside the robust features of enterprise-class offerings. Additionally, the widespread adoption of InfluxDB and the simplicity of its open source APIs, coupled with the extensive familiarity AWS customers have with these systems, significantly influenced our decision to work with the InfluxData team.

As the main component of the TICK (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, Kapacitor) stack, InfluxDB boasts a global footprint of more than 900K instances, underscoring its popularity and the trust users place in its capabilities. With just a few simple clicks or API calls, users can effortlessly set up, migrate, operate, and scale an InfluxDB database on AWS; the experience is further simplified with automated software patching, backups, and recovery, making it an attractive option for developers and organizations looking to leverage the full potential of InfluxDB.

Our unique collaboration with InfluxData will allow us to introduce licensed add-ons that extend the capabilities of the open source engine. Among these add-ons will be read replica capabilities, which will increase InfluxDB’s query throughput for large scale workloads; you will be able to add read-only nodes that are automatically synchronized with your primary write node. These add-ons will be sold by InfluxData via the AWS Marketplace, making it a seamless upgrade for greater functionality.

Getting Started with Timestream for InfluxDB

With Timestream for InfluxDB, customers who were self-managing InfluxDB no longer need to focus on the operational complexities, including networking, server maintenance, updates, backups, and more. Our managed service model eliminates the burden of infrastructure management, allowing organizations to focus their resources on building differentiated features and driving business innovation. Additionally, thanks to AWS’s operational experience and capabilities, we offer enhanced durability and security for your time-series data.

Creating a new Timestream for InfluxDB instance is simple and straightforward:

  1. Navigate to Timestream in the AWS console.
  2. Select the option to create a new InfluxDB instance.
  3. Configure your instance settings, including instance sizes, storage options, access policies, and availability policies

That’s it! Within minutes, your new InfluxDB instance will be provisioned and ready to use, allowing you to begin ingesting and analyzing time-series data with ease. This setup process ensures that users can quickly take advantage of the power of Timestream for InfluxDB with minimal friction. For a more detailed guide on how to start with Timestream for InfluxDB, you can also refer to this blog post.

Special Features of Timestream for InfluxDB

Timestream for InfluxDB offers a range of specialized features designed to optimize time-series data management and analysis:

  • Low-Latency Query Performance: With sub-50ms query response times, Timestream for InfluxDB ensures fast access to time-series data, empowering users to derive insights in real-time.
  • Enhanced Durability and Security: Built-in encryption features ensure that your data remains protected at all times.
  • High Availability: With the option to deploy Multi-AZ deployments, Timestream for InfluxDB provides high availability for your time-series workloads. This ensures that your data remains accessible and reliable, even in the face of hardware failures or infrastructure disruptions.
  • Simple Setup and Management: Similar to other AWS managed database services, Timestream for InfluxDB offers a user-friendly console interface for easy setup and management. With just a few clicks, users can configure their instance settings and have their new InfluxDB instance up and running within minutes.

These special features make Timestream for InfluxDB the ideal choice for organizations seeking a reliable, scalable, and efficient solution for managing their time-series data.

A Partnership for the Future

We’re excited to embark on this journey with InfluxData, as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of time-series data management. Together, we’re committed to delivering unparalleled value to our customers and driving advancements in the field of time-series analytics. Join us in exploring the possibilities of Timestream for InfluxDB and become part of the vibrant InfluxDB community today!

Victor Servin

Victor Servin

Victor Servin is a Senior Product Manager for the Amazon Timestream team at AWS, bringing over 18 years of experience leading product and engineering teams in the Telco vertical. With an additional 5 years of expertise in supporting startups with Product Led Growth strategies and scalable architecture, Victor's data-driven approach is perfectly suited to drive the adoption of analytical products like Timestream. His extensive experience and commitment to customer success allows him to help customers to efficiently achieve their goals.