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Announcing Cloud Custodian Integration with AWS Security Hub

隆重推出与 AWS Security Hub 集成的 Cloud Custodian One of the popular options for automated security, compliance, and cost management solutions in the cloud is Cloud Custodian, an open source project sponsored by Capital One. Cloud Custodian is a flexible rules engine with policies written in simple YAML configuration files, with support for over 130 AWS […]

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The Open Source Robot Operating System (ROS) and AWS RoboMaker

开源机器人操作系统 (ROS) 与 AWS RoboMaker “There are certain problems within the robotics community that, at this point, are well enough solved that everybody kind of understands and more or less recognizes that this is the best approach to solve that problem. And so, wherever we can in the ROS community, we take those algorithms, implement […]

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Securing Amazon EKS Using Lambda and Falco

利用 Lambda 和 Falco 为 Amazon EKS 提供安全保护 Intrusion and abnormality detection are important tools for stronger run-time security in applications deployed in containers on Amazon EKS clusters. In this post, Michael Ducy of Sysdig explains how Falco, a CNCF Sandbox Project, generates an alert when an abnormal application behavior is detected. AWS Lambda functions […]

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AWS ParallelCluster

新品发布- AWS ParallelCluster Orchestration software has played a key role in cluster bring-up and management for decades. Dating back to solutions like SunCluster, PSSP, and community solutions such as CFEngine, the need to launch many resources together to enable large parallel applications continues to be a vital part of the High Performance Computing (HPC) environment. […]

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Style Dictionary + Hacktoberfest

Style Dictionary 的维护人员首次参与 Hacktoberfest The maintainers of Style Dictionary participated in Hacktoberfest this year for the first time, and it was a truly amazing experience. While our numbers don’t seem large, it has been terrific to get new contributors involved in the project and kick-start a lot of work that was in our backlog. One of […]

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AWS at the Samsung Open Source Conference

AWS 参加三星开放源会议 AWS was honored to again be part of the Samsung Open Source Conference (SOSCON), the largest open source conference in South Korea, held 17-18 October. More than 1500 open source software developers met to share their open source knowledge and experience at this fifth annual event, which featured insightful keynotes, technical deep dives […]

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Amazon Joins the W3C

Amazon 加入 W3C Amazon is excited to announce that we have joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Since 1994, the W3C has been defining open standards for the Web such as CSS, SVG, and XML. These, and many others, have driven interoperability across vendor platforms and led to the rapid evolution of the Web […]

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