AWS Marketplace

Streamline Software Procurement Across your Organization with Private Marketplace

In this post, we will guide you through the fundamentals of private marketplace, key personas and illustrate step by step how to create and manage private marketplace at scale for your organization. We will also address best practices for private marketplace implementation.

Healthcare innovation: Shaping the future with data

I recently moderated an industry solution speaking session on “Healthcare Innovation: Shaping the Future with Data” at HIMSS24. I was joined by Dr. Rowland Illing, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Global Healthcare and Nonprofits at Amazon Web Services (AWS). The panel also included experts from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, AdaptX, and Presidio. During this session, panelists shared their challenges and insights on healthcare innovation and digital transformation. This post highlights the key takeaways from that session, including excerpts from the examples shared, and the Q&A discussion.

Visualize your CloudWatch metrics with AWS resource tags in Coralogix from AWS Marketplace

This post will show you how to take your CloudWatch metrics to the next level by using your AWS resource tags in your monitoring setup.

Automate Private Marketplace management for your organization

In this post, Deepa and I will share a solution to set up private marketplace catalogs using AWS CloudFormation templates. You can use this solution to enable automation through integration with your organization’s existing infrastructure-as-code (IaC) setup. Internally, this solution uses APIs through AWS SDK for Python (Boto3) and leverages AWS Lambda, Amazon EventBridge, and Amazon S3. It provides an automated way to enable the private marketplace feature in your organization, create and configure multiple private marketplace experiences, and manage these experiences.

Boost viewer engagement with content management innovation

I recently led a webinar on how to boost viewer engagement using content management innovation. The webinar highlighted real-world success stories and practical advice for approaching key challenges. Brandon Omohundro, Vice President – Digital Operations at Gray Media Group, shared how Gray Television accelerated content creation, boosting their engagement and ad revenue opportunities. This post highlights important lessons from three real-world examples including Gray Television’s transformation and the trends and challenges shaping the M&E direct-to-consumer landscape.

The 5 phases to listing your SaaS product in AWS Marketplace

This blog provides a holistic roadmap of the process for SaaS companies to get their products listed in AWS Marketplace. Including all aspects, from initial seller registration to product creation, integration, testing, publishing, and promotion, with a breakdown of the roles, functions, and tips for each phase. By following the 5 phases and helpful tips listed in this blog, SaaS companies can efficiently list their solution in a few weeks.

Using AWS Marketplace to extend FedRamp compliant architectures

To give buyers a more comprehensive view of the security and compliance information for the product or vendor, AWS announced AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights. Vendor Insights allows sellers to provide on-demand access to evidence regarding their security and compliance, streamlining the buyer’s risk assessment and procurement process.