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Cando recently developed Quasar, a platform for supply chain optimization that is powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Revolutionize Small and Medium Business Retail Operations with Digital Supply Chain Management

For many, the health of one’s business depends on the health of its supply chain. We often hear from small and medium businesses (SMBs) that their supply chains face challenges such as demand planning, forecasting and a widening supply chain talent gap. This leaves them exposed to challenges that larger enterprises can more easily address […]

Group Landmark employees meeting in an office setting about their cybersecurity plans

A Checklist for Assessing the Cybersecurity Needs of Your Small or Medium Business

If you’re like most small and medium businesses (SMBs), you need to split your attention each day and cybersecurity isn’t often one of the most pressing topics. For SMBs, the topic that is often taken for granted is the one that could have the biggest impact on business continuity. Without a dedicated Chief Information and […]

AWS certification path from basic to more advanced categories

A Guide To Upskilling Your Small or Medium Business Employees’ Cloud Computing Knowledge

If you’ve managed a small or medium business (SMB) in the last few years, you likely had these common thoughts: “Three employees retired during the height of the pandemic and we should have done a better job of documenting their work processes. All of that knowledge has either been lost or fragmented across different teammates.” […]

Man at desk in an office setting typing on his computer

Modernizing Small Business Communication and Collaboration with Cloud Services

When was the last time an important task, file, or customer complaint slipped through the cracks? How about a frustrating video chat or screen sharing connection where you couldn’t understand the person on the other end? These examples illustrate how outdated, on-premises collaboration tools can hinder productivity and cause miscommunication. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) […]

Stillframe shot of Tim Chauncey, Outpost VFX's Chief Technology Officer

Inside Outpost VFX’s Strategy for Reducing Storage Costs and Fostering Collaboration in the Cloud

One of the most compelling aspects of cloud technology is its ability to democratize technology, enabling small and medium businesses (SMBs) to compete with larger enterprise organizations. One such company is Outpost VFX. An SMB in the media and entertainment space, Outpost VFX creates visual effects for films and episodic television, with recent credits including […]

Animated screenshot depicting analytics dashboards on a computer screen

Why These Three Small and Medium Businesses Turned to the Cloud to Improve Their Operations

At this stage of our digital evolution, businesses of all sizes recognize data as the currency of the future. Collecting data sets for visualizations and data analytics can help businesses optimize their performance and anticipate and react to change. But for small and medium businesses (SMBs), building a data framework can be daunting. It can […]

Diagram depicting how sustainable manufacturin depends on capturing, analyzing, and improvising with data

How Small and Medium Businesses Can Overcome the Challenges of Sustainable Manufacturing in the Cloud

What if greener practices—beyond reducing, reusing, and recycling—could help your manufacturing business grow more efficiently? What if you had data that helped you understand opportunities hidden in your spreadsheets? These questions could be answered with software and devices that monitor your equipment and help you gain insights. As it stands, the manufacturing sector accounts for […]

Male doctor sitting in front of a laptop chatting with a patient during a telemedicine appointment

Why Cloud IT Helped a Small Telemedicine Company Meet Increased Patient Demand

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, demand for easy-to-access telehealth services skyrocketed. Luckily, Argentina-based Llamando al Doctor (“Calling the Doctor” in English) and its software development partner, Eudaimonia (Euda), could scale to meet the moment: They had already integrated Amazon Web Services (AWS). We recently spoke with Llamando al Doctor Commercial Director Guillermo Gonzalez and Eudaimonia […]