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Podcast Series: A Few Takeaways About the Cloud That Impact Your Small Business

Editorial note: Ahead in the Cloud: The Technology Podcast for Business Leaders is an Amazon Web Services podcast, hosted by SMB technology consultant (and Forbes technology columnist) Gene Marks and Ben Schreiner, AWS’ Head of Business Innovation and GTM for US Commercial Sales. It explores the latest cloud technologies and trends that small and medium […]

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Accelerate Time to Market and Business Growth with an Automated Software-as-a-Service Platform

The promise of software delivered seamlessly over the internet once seemed like a distant dream. Yet today, companies large and small rely on cloud-based apps for everything from collaboration, to project management to finance, and more. But transitioning from traditional software site licensing to a modern delivery model poses complex challenges. How can software vendors […]

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Why Business Intelligence is the Answer for SMBs Struggling with Spreadsheets

There’s an almost inconceivable amount of information out in the world. If you think about your typical day, nearly everything you do triggers data collection—whether it’s tapping to pay for your morning coffee, checking traffic conditions on your smartphone, searching for the answer to a question online, or rating your favorite show on a streaming […]

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Six Questions SMBs Should Ask When Planning IT Costs in 2024

Imagine diligently managing your IT budget for the year ahead only to be blindsided by unexpected costs. It could be something as small as an extra software license request or as large as an urgent cybersecurity upgrade. As every small or medium business (SMB) knows, every dollar must be spent strategically to maximize growth and […]

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SMBs Struggle with Legacy Tech—Here’s How to Modernize Custom Apps

In today’s world, many of the biggest opportunities lie in using data to become more innovative, efficient, and customer focused. In theory, small and medium businesses (SMBs) have a big advantage over their larger contemporaries—they’re smaller and can move more quickly than large enterprises. In practice though, two things hold them back–a lack of in-house […]

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What Happens When An SMB Doesn’t Digitize Its Business Operations?

In today’s rapidly changing economy, small and medium businesses (SMBs) that do not adopt digital operations cannot remain as competitive as their more advanced peers. While many are processing orders online, forecasting sales with precision, and automating repetitive processes, SMBs not using cloud computing could face several missed opportunities. According to Gartner, “Organizations that embrace […]

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How Small and Medium Businesses Can Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

In a world where machines not only think but also learn and make decisions, the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly transformed from science fiction to reality. AI is a field of computing that focuses on granting technology the ability to replicate human-level intelligence. Attaining intelligence is dependent on the process of learning, which, […]