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A Checklist for Assessing the Cybersecurity Needs of Your Small or Medium Business

If you’re like most small and medium businesses (SMBs), you need to split your attention each day and cybersecurity isn’t often one of the most pressing topics. For SMBs, the topic that is often taken for granted is the one that could have the biggest impact on business continuity. Without a dedicated Chief Information and […]

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Modernizing Small Business Communication and Collaboration with Cloud Services

When was the last time an important task, file, or customer complaint slipped through the cracks? How about a frustrating video chat or screen sharing connection where you couldn’t understand the person on the other end? These examples illustrate how outdated, on-premises collaboration tools can hinder productivity and cause miscommunication. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) […]

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Three High Impact, Low Effort Tasks Small and Medium Businesses Can Do to Optimize IT Costs

Did you know managing cloud IT spend is one of the top challenges for 80 percent of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs)? In today’s turbulent business landscape which includes inflation, supply chain constraints, and rising energy costs, it has become important for all the businesses around the world to proceed with caution. Especially for SMBs with […]

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What Small and Medium Businesses Should Consider When Selecting a Cloud Service Provider

How far along is your business’s digital transformation? What was once a buzzword has now become commonplace for organizations looking to move manual, disconnected business processes from on-premises servers to the cloud. So it’s no surprise that cloud computing has become an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes, offering flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. […]

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A Basic Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics for Small and Medium Businesses

What could your business achieve if it had a better understanding of its customers? In a 2022 survey conducted by Gartner, 84 percent of customer service and service support leaders cited customer data and analytics as “very or extremely important” for achieving their organizational goals in 2023. For small or medium business (SMB) owners, these customer […]

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How Small and Medium Businesses Can Access On-Demand IT Project Support

Did you know that the biggest risk for companies to achieve their business objectives is lack of access to human talent? According to a Gartner survey, executives put a talent shortage as a leading issue ahead of implementation costs and security risks. It revealed that lack of talent is the biggest barrier to adopting 64 […]

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How to Ensure Your Small or Medium Business is Ready for IT Turnover

In 2021, the “Great Resignation” became a buzzword in the U.S. news media, referring to several long-term trends that were accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many workers decided to change jobs for more pay, leave roles that required long commutes, put more emphasis on their life outside of work, or take a well-earned retirement. Additionally, […]

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What Type of Cloud IT Support Does My Small or Medium Business Need?

Cloud computing has become an essential investment for small and medium businesses (SMBs) modernizing their operations, but knowing how to support it can be its own challenge. Compared to on-premises hardware, the cloud allows businesses to be more flexible in a variety of ways: stronger security, lower costs, and better operational efficiency to name a […]

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Four Principles of Cloud Financial Management Small and Medium Business Owners Need to Know

IT can be a daunting topic—especially if you are a small or medium business (SMB) leader and do not consider yourself a technical person. Traditionally, IT costs are centered around up-front capital investments on hardware and infrastructure, and assembling a team aligned to support and maintain that infrastructure. There are also energy and premises costs […]

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Four Digital Marketing Best Practices for Small and Medium Businesses Moving to the Cloud

A strong digital marketing strategy is critical for the success of your small business. More than 4.6 billion people use the internet, and 46.3% of them use it to research products before they purchase. With all of the tools and content out there, it can feel overwhelming to get your business on the right track. […]