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SMBs Struggle with Legacy Tech—Here’s How to Modernize Custom Apps

In today’s world, many of the biggest opportunities lie in using data to become more innovative, efficient, and customer focused. In theory, small and medium businesses (SMBs) have a big advantage over their larger contemporaries—they’re smaller and can move more quickly than large enterprises. In practice though, two things hold them back–a lack of in-house […]

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What Happens When An SMB Doesn’t Digitize Its Business Operations?

In today’s rapidly changing economy, small and medium businesses (SMBs) that do not adopt digital operations cannot remain as competitive as their more advanced peers. While many are processing orders online, forecasting sales with precision, and automating repetitive processes, SMBs not using cloud computing could face several missed opportunities. According to Gartner, “Organizations that embrace […]

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How Small and Medium Businesses Can Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

In a world where machines not only think but also learn and make decisions, the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly transformed from science fiction to reality. AI is a field of computing that focuses on granting technology the ability to replicate human-level intelligence. Attaining intelligence is dependent on the process of learning, which, […]

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How SMB Retailers and E-Commerce Companies Can Unleash Inventory Insights with Cloud Analytics

The retail industry is currently navigating a complex landscape of challenges: fluctuating customer demands, rapid technological advancements, supply chain disruptions, and the need to offer personalized experiences. Due to high inflation rates and other disruptions, the retail supply chain, consumer behavior, and spending habits are in constant flux. According to NCR, supply chain disruptions have […]


Securing Your SMB: Benefits of Strong Cybersecurity Measures

Cybersecurity is essential for every business—full stop. As a small or medium business (SMB) you might believe cyber incidents are only concerns for global enterprises, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Security Magazine over half of SMBs have experienced a breach—a third of which were in the past 12 months. But […]

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Build a Strong Foundation in the Cloud to Help Your Small or Medium Business Grow

People often admire and pay attention to tall and shining skyscrapers. One thing in common among all these skyscrapers is that they each have a deep and solid foundation as the first building block of their construction. Without it, the building would be susceptible to movement, shifting, or even collapsing. It is a similar situation […]

Three Common Misconceptions About Cloud Security That are Holding Back Small and Medium Businesses

Growth is essential for businesses of all sizes, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) continue to migrate their data to the cloud as a way to access better insights, scale more easily, collaborate more efficiently from anywhere, and save on IT costs. But a survey conducted by Amazon Web Services found that while SMBs are […]

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Saving Millions in Healthcare Claims Processing Costs with AI Workflows

Imagine having such a fast-growing small or medium business (SMB) that your team can’t scale as fast as it brings on new clients. While many might view this as a challenge, one Amazon Web Services customer, MDaudit, saw it as an opportunity to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its auditing workflow to improve operations. They […]