New Partner Training and Enablement to Enhance Your AWS for SAP Knowledge

The pace of change when it comes to SAP is fast, and the training and enablement available to AWS Partners needs to evolve just as quickly. We constantly review the content and delivery mechanisms to evaluate how well we are meeting those needs. With that in mind, we are really excited to introduce two new digital badges for AWS Partners, new and updated AWS for SAP digital courses, and to showcase the enablement programs offered by members of our Partner Solutions Architecture team.

Digital Badges

Starting today, AWS Partners have the opportunity to amplify their AWS for SAP knowledge and showcase their learnings via two new AWS Learning Badges available in AWS Skill Builder. AWS Learning Badges not only demonstrate your knowledge and skills, but also provide digital badges that are shareable on social networks to help you stand out, and importantly, these badges are free to earn and share.

The first new Learning Badge is Architecting SAP on AWS, a complete update to the previously available SAP on AWS (Technical) badge. You will learn technical fundamentals and key architectural patterns for deploying and migrating SAP on AWS, including topics like sizing, meeting performance targets, basic system operations, and the SAP Lens for the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Even if you have earned the previously available badge, this fully revamped digital training will be worth your time and effort.

We are also introducing the Modernizing SAP on AWS Learning Badge, where you will learn the key concepts and benefits of integrating SAP applications with AWS and SAP Business Technology Platform services for modernizing SAP business processes. Learners will also receive an introduction to Amazon AppFlow for SAP to AWS data integration, Generative AI services that support deeper data insights, and understand the benefits of the AWS and SAP Business Technology Platform Joint Reference Architecture.

Architecting SAP (Specialized) Partner Learner BadgeModernizing SAP (Specialized) Partner Learner Badge

Watch the account setup tutorial to learn how to create a free account to access partner-exclusive training in AWS Skill Builder, and be sure to explore the wide-range of AWS Partner Learning Plans available.

New Digital Courses

We also have additional, recently published courses available in AWS Skill Builder to further deepen your knowledge on AWS for SAP topics.

AWS for SAP Fundamentals is a 45-minute course that introduces you to the core AWS offerings required to run SAP workloads successfully, including adoption scenarios and core SAP concepts.

Designing and Deploying SAP Workloads on AWS teaches deployment options and storage architectures and configurations of SAP on AWS. Designed for intermediate learners, it covers SAP HANA architectures on AWS, configuration of storage services, and using AWS Launch Wizard to deploy SAP applications.

Finally, AWS for RISE with SAP Introduction is designed as an overview to impart foundational concepts of AWS for RISE with SAP, encompassing SAP licensing and deployment models, and the benefits of running RISE with SAP on AWS.

Trainings Delivered by Partner Solutions Architects

Our AWS SAP Partner Solutions Architect team delivers deep-dive and what’s new sessions on a year-round basis utilizing AWS PartnerCast. Sign up for the series so you won’t miss the upcoming sessions, and check AWS Skill Builder for previous recordings focused on operational excellence and AWS Systems Manager for SAP.

The virtual SAP on AWS Expert Guided Hands-On Workshops have proven to be a popular and effective way to dive deep on the latest technical topics like RISE with SAP, Generative AI, and data and analytics. These workshops are perfect for anyone wanting to stay up-to-date with innovation topics, the latest in deployment automation, how to best leverage SAP Business Technology Platform, and boosting productivity with Generative AI.

In addition to the above, our AWS SAP Partner Solutions Architect team delivers hands-on trainings to up-skill AWS Partners on a full range of AWS for SAP topics. These trainings facilitate development of your SAP practice; ideally suited for SAP enterprise architects, SAP BASIS and cloud architects, SAP project managers, pre-sales architects, and SAP sellers at partner organizations. You can reach out to your AWS point-of-contact to request any of these trainings for your teams.

AWS SAP Partner Solutions Architect offerings


No matter your starting point, there are training and enablement resources to assist you with your AWS for SAP journey. If you are just beginning, take a close look at AWS for SAP Fundamentals and build from there. For more seasoned professionals, be sure to complete the training to earn the new digital badges and then continue learning with AWS experts in our PartnerCast series and Expert Guided Hands-On Workshops. Don’t forget the great resources here on the AWS for SAP Blog as well.

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