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A line graph compares interest in the adoption of generative AI to the financial performance of stocks that benefit from these trends.’s generative AI portfolio manager surfaces near-instant finance insights with AWS

In 2020, expanded their artificial intelligence (AI)-powered financial analysis platform—Boosted Insights. But using an LLM came with some significant drawbacks—a high annual cost to operate and GPU capacity limitations that limited their ability to scale.

How climate tech startups use generative AI to address the climate crisis

How climate tech startups use generative AI to address the climate crisis

We are excited to introduce you to a few Climate Tech startups that are at the forefront of the race to stop the climate crisis. They’re using generative AI to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enabling the world to transition to a zero-carbon economy. 

VC perspectives on generative AI for Latino startups

AWS had the great privilege of partnering with SomosVC, an extraordinary group of Latino investors, for a panel discussion on building with generative artificial intelligence (AI). Panelists from the venture capital industry share their insights on how to secure funding for your startup, when to incorporate generative AI into your product, and the competitive advantages of being a startup in the generative AI industry.

How STIGMA scaled their hope delivery app with the AWS Impact Accelerator

STIGMA is an asynchronous messaging app that connects people who are struggling with strangers who share their lived experience to give them living proof that what they’re going through is something they will get through. Participating in the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founder cohort helped STIGMA to come up with solutions that would improve the product experience for their members, while also helping the STIGMA team to hone skills such delivering a compelling pitch to investors.

Selecting the right foundation model for your startup

When startups build generative artificial intelligence (AI) into their products, selecting a foundation model (FM) is one of the first and most critical steps. Everything from user experience and go-to-market, to hiring and profitability, can be affected by selecting the right model for your use case. Learn about the most impactful aspects to consider when selecting a foundation model to meet your startup’s needs.

AWS announces 21 startups selected for the AWS generative AI accelerator

AWS announces 21 startups selected for the AWS generative AI accelerator

AWS is excited to announce the cohort of startups accepted into the global AWS Generative AI Accelerator. The program kicks off May 24th at our San Francisco AWS Startup Loft and closes on July 27th. Over the course of their 10-week program, participants will receive tailored technical advice, dedicated mentorship, an opportunity to pitch their demos to venture capitalists (VCs) in the AWS network, and up to $300,000 in AWS credits. Critically, they will also have the opportunity to foster lifelong connections with their fellow founders and within AWS. Read on to meet the startups.