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Accelerating the next wave of generative ai startups

Accelerating the next wave of generative AI startups

Since day one, AWS has helped startups bring their ideas to life by democratizing access to the technology powering some of the largest enterprises around the world including Amazon. These startups have the ability to transform industries and shape the future, which is why today we announced a commitment of $230 million to accelerate the creation of generative AI applications by startups around the world. Read to learn how to apply to become a member of this global program.

Sign-Speak builds with AI on AWS to create accessible experiences

Sign-Speak is an innovative startup whose language software recognizes American Sign Language (ASL) and translates it into spoken words (and vice versa) with machine learning. Their platform offers real-time ASL recognition, avatar, and transcription to facilitate communication with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Sign-Speak leveraged the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founders cohort to gain technical and business support as they make the world a more accessible and inclusive place.

How STIGMA scaled their hope delivery app with the AWS Impact Accelerator

STIGMA is an asynchronous messaging app that connects people who are struggling with strangers who share their lived experience to give them living proof that what they’re going through is something they will get through. Participating in the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founder cohort helped STIGMA to come up with solutions that would improve the product experience for their members, while also helping the STIGMA team to hone skills such delivering a compelling pitch to investors.