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AWS looks to the future of M&E ahead of NAB 2023

2023 marks 100 years of the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference and exhibition, an amazing milestone considering the state of the media and entertainment industry (M&E) today. The rise of cloud-connected workflows has certainly opened up new possibilities, and as we prepare for our annual trek to Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services (AWS) […]

AWS Congratulates “Avatar: The Way of Water” Production Team on VFX Academy Award Win

With a global box office haul of $2.28 billion and counting, “Avatar: The Way of Water” is an undeniable success. Along with its significant financial achievement, the film has also garnered widespread industry recognition, earning an impressive slate of award wins and nominations. At the 95th Academy Awards, held March 12 in Los Angeles, “Avatar: […]

Venera Technologies automates QC advances in the cloud

This blog post is co-authored by Brian Kenworthy and Jason Dvorkin at AWS, and Fereidoon Khosravi at Venera. Quality control (QC) checks have always been a critical step in media supply chain workloads. Today, with the shift to cloud-based workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the QC process has evolved from on-premises desktop software to […]

M&E Symposium stage

Live again: Sharing experiences of cloud-native television

AWS Media & Entertainment Symposium 2023, Kings Place, London, 8th February After engaging with customers and partners exclusively online since 2019, it was incredibly rewarding to hold the annual AWS M&E Symposium in person in 2023. Over 300 customers and partners joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) in London for a day of knowledge sharing, trend […]

Collect and respond to security events: Aligning to the MovieLabs Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP)

In the previous blog in this series, Securing production workflows in AWS: Aligning to the MovieLabs Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP), we expanded the dailies editing use case to include asset ingest and exchange to vendors for workflows like Visual Effects (VFX), color correction, and final mastering. For these workflows, we discussed security best […]

“Avatar: The Way of Water” and the future of filmmaking

Producer Jon Landau and Wētā FX Executive VFX Producer David Conley highlight the growing role of cloud in content production Epic sci-fi action feature “Avatar: The Way of Water” is the culmination of nearly a decade of technology development for ambitious storytelling. Directed by James Cameron, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2009-billion-dollar blockbuster “Avatar” […]

Cloud-powered creativity shines at the 2023 VES Awards

Winners “Avatar: The Way of Water,” “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” and Frito-Lay “Push It” created with AWS Hollywood’s awards season is heating up with the Oscars less than three weeks away. Black tie events abound in Tinseltown as trade organizations recognize accomplishments in their respective crafts from animation to cinematography, visual […]

AWS Studio in the Cloud: A MovieLabs 2030 Showcase case study

Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc. (“MovieLabs”) is a joint research and development venture founded by major Hollywood studios with a mission to find innovative solutions to industry challenges for both its member studios and the broader industry ecosystem. The organization helps architect next-generation production technologies, secure creative assets, streamline and automate distribution chains, and deliver new […]

Figure 1: Autodesk VRED provides high-end rendering and streaming of complex digital assets

Virtual prototyping with Autodesk VRED on AWS

Figure 1: Autodesk VRED provides high-end rendering and streaming of complex digital assets The VRED set of software tools from Autodesk let designers create and present high-quality product renderings of complex digital assets, such as automotive vehicles and other engineering-related artefacts. VRED has traditionally used an array of hardware to increase productivity, including multiple GPU […]

Animal Logic builds real-time workflow with Amazon Nimble Studio

Award-winning animation studio Animal Logic is recognized as one of the world’s top production companies, with credits including Happy Feet, The LEGO Movies and Peter Rabbit 1&2. Alongside working on a slate of feature animation projects, the company recently released a trailer for “Unhinged,” a short film that Animal Logic created in Epic Games’ Unreal […]