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An image of two screens: a phone on the left displaying a view of three participants publishing to a stage, and a browser window on the right showing a composite of the stage being broadcasted to an IVS channel. An arrow connects the two screens, pointing from a "Start Streaming" button on the phone screen to the browser window.

Add multiple hosts to live streams with Amazon IVS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS), a managed live streaming solution that enables developers to build interactive video experiences, in 2020. Developers now use Amazon IVS to build apps across many verticals including social networking, ecommerce, and fitness. Collaborative live streaming has emerged as a key trend since the Amazon […]

ITN advances live cloud-based content production and delivery with AWS

The stakes run high when producing and delivering daily news for UK media stalwarts like Independent Television News (ITV), Channel 4, and Channel 5, making technological innovation a priority at Independent Television News (ITN). The award-winning production company services these clients, among others, in bringing live news and events, documentaries, sports matches, and other digital […]

Clipping VOD content using manifest file time stamps

Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS), a managed live streaming solution that lets users build interactive video experiences, has added HTTP live streaming (HLS) Program-Date-Time (PDT) tags and HLS byte range manifest files. The PDT provides precise presentation timestamps to allow time-synchronized tasks, while the byte range manifest allows detailed segmentation and selective loading of […]

M&E Symposium stage

Live again: Sharing experiences of cloud-native television

AWS Media & Entertainment Symposium 2023, Kings Place, London, 8th February After engaging with customers and partners exclusively online since 2019, it was incredibly rewarding to hold the annual AWS M&E Symposium in person in 2023. Over 300 customers and partners joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) in London for a day of knowledge sharing, trend […]

Combining dynamic ad insertion and A/B watermarking

For video service providers, delivering a personalized ad experience with A/B forensic watermarking can create interoperability challenges because both require dynamic manipulation of the manifest used for playback. In this blog post, we explore this potential conflict and recommend a system architecture that delivers a personalized ad experience along with A/B watermarking so that you […]

Create personalized user experiences with ThinkAnalytics and Amazon Personalize

This blog is co-authored by Nilay Naik from ThinkAnalytics and Kevin Yao from AWS. The ThinkAnalytics Think360 platform helps media, entertainment, news, and direct-to-consumer video providers use a data-driven approach to increase revenue and customer engagement. The platform integrates Amazon Personalize from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to allow a wide selection of personalized recommendation solutions […]

Live video streaming using Amazon S3

Introduction Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service offering the scalability, data availability, security, performance, and consistency required of a basic origin for live streaming video workflows. This post outlines best practices for configuration and resiliency when using AWS Elemental Live and AWS Elemental MediaLive to generate an HLS output group with […]

The WFA spotlights powerchair football talent via match live streams

When it comes to powerchair football, player and fan dedication runs deep. Established in France in 1970 and formed nationally in England in 2005 by the Wheelchair Football Association (WFA), powerchair football has become one of the fastest growing parasports, with more than a thousand UK players and many more globally. Individuals of all ages […]

New NFL ‘Expected Return Yards’ stat tackles hidden dynamics of punt and kickoff returns

National Football League (NFL) fans have all witnessed a returner getting tackled a nanosecond after receiving a punt or kickoff. Holding onto the ball, let alone gaining a chunk of yardage, is a huge win. And the odds of a return touchdown are rare. But that’s exactly why it’s a thrill to see a returner […]

How DAZN uses AWS Step Functions to orchestrate event-based video streaming at scale

This blog is co-authored by Russ Johnson at DAZN, and Corneliu Croitoru and Chris Fane at AWS. In this blog post, we explain how DAZN, a global sports entertainment platform, used AWS Step Functions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a lightweight, modular, and extensible orchestrator to automate its live sports streaming events. This architecture lets […]