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TVCoins makes ad-supported streaming more accessible to content owners with AWS

Free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) is taking off as consumers look to minimize content subscription fees. While Paramount, Roku, and Fox have already launched FAST offerings, getting one off the ground can be expensive and time-consuming, proving a barrier to entry for most content owners. Boston-based technology startup TVCoins is disrupting the market with its […]

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Expand your digital ad inventory with new advertising formats

Over-the-top (OTT) streaming is on a trajectory to becoming the biggest form of media consumption in the world. In the US alone, 65%1 of the population consume media digitally, through smart devices, connected TVs (CTV), game consoles, and streaming media players. Digital video ad spending in the US in 2022 was estimated at $2392 billion […]

Schedule live linear channel playout using AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Introduction Scheduling live linear TV playout for distribution via over-the-top (OTT) platforms is a common use case for media customers around the globe. This approach provides an opportunity to monetize content in multiple ways. For example, some OTT platforms provide a “before-TV experience” as a premium feature where viewers can watch their favorite content before […]

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Atmosphere scales streaming service for businesses, unlocks new revenue potential with AWS

Where audiences dwell, advertisers follow. From restaurants and bars to gyms, medical offices, airports and beyond, ample opportunities exist for brands to reach consumers as they move through the day. Atmosphere is broadening access to these audiences in the US and internationally with its free ad-supported streaming service, built on cloud-based technologies from Amazon Web […]

Monitoring QoS of virtual linear OTT channels with dynamic ad insertion

Overview This is part two of a blog series about virtual linear channel creation and management. The first blog post in the series discussed how to create virtual linear OTT channels that can sequentially deliver both video on demand (VOD) and live streaming video by defining a channel schedule in AWS Elemental MediaTailor using Channel […]

Learn about IoT integration and server-side ad insertion with AWS Media Services

Overview This blog helps Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who want to monetize exclusive, but simple-to-set-up, IoT video feeds using server-side ad insertion (SSAI) powered by AWS Media Services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). For example, an exotic dog breed kennel club that nurtures rare and magnificent dog species may choose to showcase its residents on a […]

Combining dynamic ad insertion and A/B watermarking

For video service providers, delivering a personalized ad experience with A/B forensic watermarking can create interoperability challenges because both require dynamic manipulation of the manifest used for playback. In this blog post, we explore this potential conflict and recommend a system architecture that delivers a personalized ad experience along with A/B watermarking so that you […]

Monetize audio-only content with AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Introduction This how-to blog post discusses how to monetize audio-only content such as podcasts and radio/talk shows on AWS by preparing the source for streaming with AWS Elemental MediaConvert and using Amazon CloudFront as a content delivery network (CDN) to deliver the content securely and with low latency. AWS Elemental MediaTailor is then used for […]

Secure media delivery at the edge on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides solutions for media distribution from encoding, packaging, and encryption using AWS Media Services, and broad distribution using the Amazon CloudFront content distribution network (CDN) for improved performance reaching the largest audiences. With the Secure Media Delivery at the Edge on AWS solution, customers can now add an easy-to-use and commonly supported solution […]

Create broadcast-quality CTV advertising with the Imagine Communications SureFire video ad server on AWS

This blog was co-authored by Dan Murray, Product Marketing Manager, Imagine Communications, and Raul Vecchione, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS. With shifting market dynamics, streaming connected TV (CTV) services are becoming increasingly ad supported. To optimize the monetization of ad-supported streaming, media companies are looking to effectively deploy and use addressable advertising solutions that facilitate […]