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Cloud Cup charity football team photo on field inside stadium.

AWS enlists Amazon IVS to broaden support for The Prince’s Trust youth charity

The 2023 AWS Cloud Cup charity football tournament reaches beyond in-stadium spectators with live streaming to a worldwide virtual audience Amazon Web Services (AWS) held its third annual charity football tournament on May 18, 2023, at the Cherry Red Records Stadium in Wimbledon, located in Southwest London, England. The event had an ambitious fundraising target […]

Featured Image for Control quality of service and costs with Amazon IVS advanced channel types

Control quality of service and costs with Amazon IVS advanced channel types

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced today that Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) customers can now better control viewing quality of service (QoS) and distribution costs using new “Advanced” channel types. Advanced SD and HD channel types are available with Amazon IVS, in addition to the original Basic and Standard channel types. The Basic channel type […]

Gain observability of live streaming workflows with AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a wide range of media services with which you can build live and on-demand video workflows. In this blog post, we discuss how users can gain observability by integrating scattered metrics and analyzing logs produced by AWS Media Services when configuring a live streaming workflow. Use metrics from Amazon CloudWatch, […]

FOX ups resolution, drops latency with AWS-powered streaming

Advanced video delivery workflow rolls out across the network’s digital sports coverage after reaching 7M peak viewers during 2023 NFL championship game FOX’s commitment to innovating its cloud-based media production and delivery platform continues to pay off as seen with its latest production for the 2023 National Football League (NFL) championship match up. An implementation […]

Accelerate Thinkbox Deadline by bursting to the cloud with Amazon File Cache

As the prevalence and complexity of computer-generated images (CGI) has increased in film, TV, and commercials over the years, so has the industry’s demand for massive compute for render farms to process and render CGI elements. Recently, Wētā FX made headlines with Avatar: The Way of Water, which had scenes so complex, it took 3.3 […]

European League of Football readies cloud-powered remote production infrastructure for 2023 season in under three weeks with AWS

As European League of Football (ELF) continues to expand its footprint, onboarding several new teams in the last year, more fans want to tune into live matches via the official ELF homepage stream as well as popular European TV networks such as ProSieben,, More Than Sports TV and more. To accommodate an increasing volume […]

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IDN Media expands Indonesia’s media portfolio with IDN Live using Amazon IVS

A live streaming platform connects creators with communities and leverages Jakarta’s point of presence for a high-quality, low-latency experience across networks As the go-to entertainment and information destination for Indonesian Millennials and Gen Z, IDN Media has rapidly grown since opening its doors in 2014. With origins as a local digital news site catering to […]

Automatically stop AWS Elemental MediaLive channels when no input is detected

­Introduction Media organizations and companies around the world use AWS Elemental MediaLive to deliver fast, reliable, and easy-to-use high-quality live video streams without the need to manage infrastructure. MediaLive streamlines live video operations by automating the configuration and management of ingest and encoding components for processing and delivery of live streams. As of today, there […]

How the Bundesliga brings fans closer to the match using AWS

Bundesliga, Germany’s premier national football league, uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, compute, database, and storage services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver real-time statistics that improve insights into game strategy and outcomes, and recommend personalized content for fans and partners across  several channels. Alexander Altenhofen, Bundesliga’s Director of Product & Technology, […]

Immersive viewing of the NASA Artemis 1 launch with Futuralis, Felix & Paul Studios, and AWS

This blog was co-authored by P. Andrew Keenan and Donavan Prieur, Felix & Paul Studios, Nadeem Shaik,  Futuralis, and Hamdy Eed, AWS. Live streaming in multiple formats to multiple device types can be challenging and time consuming when building a global content delivery system. In this post, we look at how to reduce complexity and […]