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Create a 360-degree view of your consumers using AWS Entity Resolution and Amazon Neptune

Marketers and advertisers need a unified view of consumer data to drive highly relevant marketing and advertising experiences across web, mobile, contact center, and social media channels. For example, if a consumer is shopping for a pair of sneakers on a brand’s website, the marketer would like to surface the most relevant products to save […]

AWS Entity Resolution for Health Data

AWS Entity Resolution for Health Data

Introduction This post shows how AWS Entity Resolution can tackle the challenge of linking and matching records in healthcare and provides a walkthrough of how-to setup a patient 360 view with a continuous entity resolution workflow. It also explains how AWS HealthLake can help healthcare customers securely store, transform, and manage their data. By the end […]

How to build serverless entity resolution workflows on AWS

How to build serverless entity resolution workflows on AWS

Consumers expect companies to engage with them in a highly relevant and personalized way regardless of channel. In a study done by Twilio, 60 percent of consumers say that they will make a repeat purchase after a personalized experience. A study from McKinsey & Company indicates that more than 70 percent of consumers expect a […]


AWS Entity Resolution Expands Data Matching Capabilities with LiveRamp, TransUnion, and Unified ID 2.0 Integrations

Launched in July 2023, AWS Entity Resolution has been helping organizations like Best Western Hotels, Merkle, ActionIQ, and Thompson Reuters to more easily match and link related records stored across multiple applications, channels and data stores using advanced matching techniques including rule-based and machine learning (ML)-powered matching. The service capabilities have enabled these companies to […]