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How Databricks on AWS helps optimize real-time bidding using machine learning

Real-time Bidding (RTB) has transformed online advertising by automating ad transactions through auctions, enhancing efficiency and precision. However, RTB faces challenges like transparency issues and ad fraud risks. Using Databricks on Amazon Web Services (AWS) addresses these challenges with the Databricks Real-time Bidding Accelerator, which leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to optimize RTB strategies, […]

AWS Clean Rooms team at Amazon Port at Cannes Lions

Five key takeaways on data clean room collaboration from Cannes Lions

Earlier this summer, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted a series of events and meetings with hundreds of customers and partners at Cannes Lions. Data clean rooms was a popular topic amongst these conversations, as advertisers and marketers are increasingly looking to future-proof their approach to more securely collaborating with their partners on their collective datasets. […]

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Connecting Google Analytics data in AWS Clean Rooms

Businesses across industries increasingly want to complement their first-party data with partners in order to generate more insights for use cases such as creating a more complete view of their customers, optimizing marketing and advertising campaigns, and improving reporting and measurement. At the same time, these companies want to protect their underlying data and are […]

Figure 2 Comparison of AWS Gravitron3 processors

How DeviceAtlas optimized Real-Time Advertising Price/Performance on AWS Graviton3

This post is co-written with Isabel Hughes, Senior Content Specialist, at DeviceAtlas and Ronan Cremin, Chief Technology Officer at DeviceAtlas Around the Web in 100 milliseconds In the time it takes to load a web page, several programmatic auctions have already started, ended, and served the winning ad impressions. Real-time bidding (RTB) is a unique […]

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Top re:Invent 2022 takeaways for the advertising and marketing technology industry

There were a large number of new service announcements as well as partner and solution announcements that came out of AWS re:Invent 2022. To make it easy for advertising and marketing technology customers, we have identified a list of top announcements specific to this industry. Session summaries and access details to content on demand is […]

Integrating Customer data platforms with Amazon Marketing Cloud to drive better Ad campaigns

Integrating CDP with Amazon Marketing Cloud to drive better Ad campaigns

There is customer data across more sources today than ever—from email, websites, and mobile apps, to physical stores, social media platforms, and more. Such data, which a company directly collects from its customers, is referred to as first-party data or signal (1P signal). Creating actionable insights, and next-best actions for specific users or segments, from […]

Acxiom’s journey on R-based machine learning models (propensity scores) at scale with trillions of outputs

Introduction Acxiom partners with the world’s leading brands to create customer intelligence, facilitating data-driven marketing experiences that generate value for customers and for brands. As experts in identity, ethical use of data, cloud-first customer-data management, and analytics solutions, Acxiom makes the complex marketing system work, applying customer intelligence wherever brands and customers meet. By helping […]

Introducing four new solutions that help customers integrate AWS Clean Rooms into their advertising workflows

At AWS re:Invent 2022, we announced the preview of AWS Clean Rooms, a new analytics service that helps customers collaborate with their partners to more easily and securely analyze their collective datasets—without sharing or revealing underlying raw data. The service is particularly relevant for brands, media publishers, agencies, and their partners who are looking to […]

Building a privacy-first contextual-intelligence solution for advertising on AWS

Introduction Advertisers and ad publishers have traditionally relied on third-party cookies, device identifiers, and enriched data from data-management platforms to deliver personalized experiences based on user preferences. With the deprecation of third-party cookies planned for early 2024, changes in device identifiers, and more stringent privacy laws (such as the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] and […]

How GumGum provides sub-10 ms contextual data for real-time digital ad bidding with AWS Outposts

Overview GumGum is a global digital advertising platform that specializes in contextual marketing, facilitating advertisers in marketing ads based on digital media content. GumGum offers Verity, which uses in-house computer vision (CV) and natural-language processing (NLP) models to scan images, audio, text, and videos across webpages, social media, over-the-top (OTT) video, and connected TV (CTV), […]