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AWS Clean Rooms: Privacy-enhanced collaboration use cases

Companies across industries are increasingly seeking ways to complement their first-party data to build a holistic view of their customers or business. This often means developing a view across channels and engagements, as well as complementing their first-party data with their business partners’ data. This need for data collaboration spans company size, geography, and industry. […]

Jump start your cloud transformation

Jump start your Cloud Transformation with Experience-Based Acceleration on AWS

Large migration and modernization projects can be complex, especially for airlines that rely on legacy technology, including decades-old mainframes. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers multiple mechanisms to help airlines and other customers overcome common challenges, like lack of communication or employee adoption, to accelerate outcomes. One mechanism, which has been used by several airlines, including […]

How digital twins can optimize Travel and Hospitality operations

How digital twins can optimize Travel and Hospitality operations

One of the most frequent requests we hear from travel and hospitality (T&H) businesses and technology leaders is, “How can we use technology to optimize operations?” Optimizing operations is complex and if not done properly can lead to penalties, loss of yield, and the erosion of brand loyalty. In this blog, we’ll explore how travel […]

iFood modernizes its financial middleware to event-driven architecture feature card

iFood modernizes its financial middleware to event-driven architecture

The iFood finance department originally used a monolithic application, which was slow to develop new functionalities. Switching to an event-oriented architecture not only accelerated development but also added resilience and performance to its financial middleware. The iFood finance department has a platform called Digital by You (DBY) that helps food lovers (approximately 100,000 iFood employees) […]

Streamline your airport experience with Amazon One feature card

Streamline your airport experience with Amazon One

Modern airports offer a wide variety of amenities designed to make your journey more enjoyable and productive before boarding your flight. You can stock up on last-minute essentials at a retail store, relax at an airport lounge, or try one of the many restaurants and bars that line the concourses. While travelers routinely take advantage […]

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Pay and earn rewards at restaurants and bars with Amazon One

Amazon and the hospitality industry share a common trait—customer obsession. We both believe that enhancing the guest experience and improving operational efficiency can lead to more loyalty and return visits. Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have developed several solutions and services to help restaurants and bars offer that seamless, digital experience guests crave. One […]

Hospitality Industry Cloud Migration feature card

Hospitality Industry Cloud Migration Journeys and Best Practices

In 2022, more than 30 percent of travel and hospitality companies started their digital transformation by migrating legacy systems and applications to AWS. However, many customers tell us that they still grapple with the decision of which workloads and applications to prioritize during this migration journey. To address this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has published […]

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How We Built This on AWS: ConnectedFresh

The How We Built This blog series features conversations with C-suite executives that are building innovative restaurant technologies on AWS Every restaurant operator knows the stress of unforeseen equipment outages and food safety concerns. These issues often result in reactive responses, which can be expensive and diminish the time spent enhancing guest experiences. However, restaurant […]

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How We Build This on AWS: Zafiro by Entertainment Solutions

Since 2006, Entertainment Solutions has developed and implemented interactive connectivity solutions that enhance the guest experience. The company specializes in providing services to hotels and has a presence in more than 100,000 rooms in over 60 countries. It also provides connectivity solutions for hospitals, stadiums, and airports. Entertainment Solutions’ mission is to be recognized as […]

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Drive Hotel Mobile Adoption with Conversations by NLX

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile adoption is critical for any industry looking to stay ahead of the competition. The hotel industry is no exception. Guests want mobile options, and the benefits of mobile adoption for hotels are tenfold. Mobile adoption means fewer calls to the front desk and concierge, freeing up staff time to perform […]