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AWS and Novartis: Re-inventing pharma manufacturing

Today, AWS announced a new strategic collaboration with Novartis that will transform Novartis’ core supply chain, manufacturing, and delivery operations through the use of AWS services. For several years, many AWS partners and life science customers have been using AWS services to modernize various aspects of manufacturing and supply chain. This strategic collaboration with Novartis […]

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The future of air travel retailing

Travel is a personal experience, whether you are traveling for leisure, business, or a combination of both. When people travel, they dream about exotic places, the opportunity to meet new people, make connections, create partnerships, or drive new business. There are thousands of travel technology topics I could write about, but with the IATA Airline […]

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In the News: Cerner, Aidoc, and Arterys use AWS machine learning to improve healthcare

WIRED just published a story about how leading healthcare organizations like Cerner, Aidoc, and Arterys are using AWS machine learning to provide faster, more accurate diagnosis, improve clinical workflows, and streamline patient care.  With Amazon SageMaker at the core, these organizations are leveraging a wide variety of AWS Cloud services, which allows them to focus […]

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