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Find the Next Blockbuster with NVIDIA BioNeMo Framework on Amazon SageMaker feature card

Find the Next Blockbuster with NVIDIA BioNeMo Framework on Amazon SageMaker

The NVIDIA BioNeMo framework accelerates drug discovery by giving researchers access to powerful foundation models (FMs) for biology. By integrating BioNeMo with Amazon SageMaker, researchers can develop cutting-edge AI solutions with the scalability, data security, and operational excellence they expect from AWS. Introduction Drug R&D is a long, costly, and risky process. On average, it […]

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Automated Deployment of 5G RAN and Core Networks using AWS Telco Network Builder

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are embarking on a digital transformation journey of their network operations to deliver new innovative connectivity services to their customers and to expand their traditional customers’ base. To achieve this transformation, CSPs are looking for ways to unify their operating model, and to adopt automation across their operating stack. CSPs want […]

Secure Your Genomic Workflows and Data with AWS HealthOmics

AWS HealthOmics is a HIPAA-eligible AWS service and provides fully-managed compute that helps customers process genomic, proteomic, and other varieties of -omic data securely and at scale in AWS. It supports common workflow definition languages—including WDL, Nextflow, and CWL—and secure access to data stored in Amazon S3 and AWS HealthOmics Storage. In this blog post, we cover […]

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How to Build a Microservices Architecture for Retail with Infosys Equinox

Ecommerce is Becoming Ever More Important According to this Forbes article from April 2021, global ecommerce sales were expected to reach $4.2 trillion, and “surveys of consumers in the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States showed online shopping is becoming the preferred method of grocery shopping for a growing number of consumers.” While that […]