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How differential privacy helps unlock insights without revealing data at the individual-level

In today’s data-driven world, organizations are constantly seeking ways to extract valuable insights from their data assets, especially when collaborating with their partners. Companies across industries such as advertising, healthcare, media, entertainment, finance, insurance, and others rely on insights generated from first- and third-party datasets to develop new products and services, improve business decision-making, assess […]

How Annalect Super-Charged Cross-Company Collaboration with Data Mesh

How Annalect Super-Charged Cross-Company Collaboration with Data Mesh

Generative AI, large language models (LLMs), and an ever-increasing emphasis on the value of data, has enterprises worldwide scrambling to optimize their data architecture and assets. This is in anticipation of a never-before-seen demand. Many organizations have solely focused on pulling all their data assets into one place with little consideration of the support required […]

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Five key takeaways on data clean room collaboration from Cannes Lions

Earlier this summer, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted a series of events and meetings with hundreds of customers and partners at Cannes Lions. Data clean rooms was a popular topic amongst these conversations, as advertisers and marketers are increasingly looking to future-proof their approach to more securely collaborating with their partners on their collective datasets. […]

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Connecting Google Analytics data in AWS Clean Rooms

Businesses across industries increasingly want to complement their first-party data with partners in order to generate more insights for use cases such as creating a more complete view of their customers, optimizing marketing and advertising campaigns, and improving reporting and measurement. At the same time, these companies want to protect their underlying data and are […]

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Learning From the IBM PC: How an open hardware platform for automotive applications can help transform the industry

Drawing a parallel to the story of the IBM PC, this blog post shows how the introduction of an open hardware platform for automotive applications might create a similar environment driving innovation, disruption, and transformation for the automotive industry. This blog post also discusses the potential  advantages for the first automotive company to release such […]