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AWS Entity Resolution Expands Data Matching Capabilities with LiveRamp, TransUnion, and Unified ID 2.0 Integrations

Launched in July 2023, AWS Entity Resolution has been helping organizations like Best Western Hotels, Merkle, ActionIQ, and Thompson Reuters to more easily match and link related records stored across multiple applications, channels and data stores using advanced matching techniques including rule-based and machine learning (ML)-powered matching. The service capabilities have enabled these companies to resolve fragmented information into a comprehensive source of truth to create a more complete view of their customers.

When the service launched, AWS committed to adding integrations from leading data service providers. Today, we’re excited to announce that integrations with LiveRamp, TransUnion, and Unified ID 2.0 are available in AWS Entity Resolution to help AWS customers match and link their records with data service provider datasets, and enhance their data with key demographic and psychographic information. This new capability minimizes the movement of their data outside of AWS and removes the need to write custom code.

This update gives AWS customers additional tools to improve records accuracy, increase interoperability, and enhance their data sets through information appends, helping them deliver better marketing and advertising experiences for their customers across digital channels, social media networks, and advertising platforms.

Specifically, these provider integrations help unlock the following for AWS customers:

  1. LiveRamp: LiveRamp’s enhanced identity resolution solutions are designed to consolidate all common identifiers into a stable, pseudonymous key available directly within a client’s AWS cloud environment. With the integrated capabilities, data and operations teams gain a no-code solution to enhance collaboration, activation and media measurement while streamlining cloud data operations. LiveRamp also increases connectivity to the wider media landscape by providing the ability to connect person- and household-based audiences to hundreds of media destinations with enhanced scale. For example, you can leverage LiveRamp through AWS Entity Resolution to create an audience segment that can be used to activate a campaign in a digital advertising platform.
  2. TransUnion: The integration with TransUnion’s TruAudience Identity product line brings advanced identity resolution capabilities to AWS customers. This helps improve their data hygiene and insights about their customers, while helping to better protect their data by minimizing its movement. This new matching workflow in AWS Entity Resolution helps customers verify, correct and deduplicate first-party data to more effectively reach customers. It can also link disconnected data sets across customer touchpoints to ensure consistent and relevant experiences, and enrich data with new insights to better understand customers.
  3. Unified ID 2.0: Unified ID 2.0 leverages encrypted email and phone number data to provide an open-source digital identity framework for digital advertising. For example, an advertiser can use AWS Entity Resolution to generate Unified ID 2.0 IDs from their customer records that can be matched with publishers for advertising activation or measurement.

Marketers and media planners benefit from higher quality, enriched data to improve advertising and marketing personalization and measurement. For data teams, the pre-built integrations reduce the heavy lifting of developing complex workflows. From the AWS Management Console, customers can now easily link and enhance their records with these leading data service providers, in addition to using rule-based and machine learning powered matching without any expertise in entity resolution.

“AWS Entity Resolution helps brands connect and enhance their customer records safely and efficiently with more precise results,” said Erin Boelkens, VP of Product, LiveRamp. “Now data teams can quickly scale their future-ready AWS marketing stack by integrating media analytics, AI, and partner data collaboration, enhanced by LiveRamp’s identity and connectivity in the cloud and beyond.”

“TransUnion’s work with AWS empowers customers to help safeguard and oversee their consumer data assets on AWS, facilitates privacy-first data collaboration with partners, and enables the upkeep of precise and enriched consumer information through real-time data updates,” said Ryan Engle, VP of Identity Solutions, Credit Marketing, and Platform Partnerships, TransUnion. “Through our work with AWS, we are enabling businesses to harness the capabilities of identity resolution—a beneficial arrangement for our clients, partners, and the industry as a whole.”

“In the dynamic world of advertising, accurate data is a cornerstone for success, which is why we’re excited that AWS is expanding its capabilities through AWS Entity Resolution,” said Samantha Jacobson, Chief Strategy Officer, The Trade Desk. “The integration of the UID2 framework with AWS Entity Resolution enables AWS customers to expand their first-party data advertising tactics and deliver omni-channel campaigns across devices.”

AWS Entity Resolution is generally available in the following AWS Regions: US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), and Europe (London). Matching records with data service providers is generally available in the following AWS Regions: US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), and US West (Oregon).

To learn more and start using these new matching capabilities with data service providers, visit AWS Entity Resolution.

Adam Solomon

Adam Solomon

Adam Solomon is Global Head of Business Development for AWS Clean Rooms & AWS Entity Resolution at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Adam drives development and adoption of cloud-based solutions to help marketers, agencies, media platforms, and advertising/marketing technology companies address industry-wide challenges for consumer privacy, identity, and secure multi-party analytics. Adam has 25 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry, and is co-inventor on 8 issued U.S. patents for advertising and marketing technologies. His diverse experience includes leadership roles for product management and go-to-market teams at Paramount, Time Inc., Hearst, PebblePost, and Lotame. He is also a trained aerospace engineer and patent attorney.