AWS Entity Resolution

Easy-to-configure, ML-powered data resolution service

Set up entity resolution workflows in minutes instead of months.

Configure advanced matching techniques to help improve data accuracy based on your business needs.

Protect your data and minimize its movement by reading records where they live.

Introducing AWS Entity Resolution (1:25)
What is AWS Entity Resolution?
AWS Entity Resolution helps you match and link related records without the need to build custom solutions. Use flexible, configurable machine learning (ML) and rule-based techniques to optimize record matching based on your business needs.

Use cases

Remove duplicate records

Deduplicate related records to better analyze information, prepare your data for artificial intelligence (AI) model training, and improve your business outcomes.

Create customer profiles

Connect different customer interactions into a single profile using rule-, ML-, or partner-based matching to generate insights and identify prospects.

Personalize experiences

Deliver more relevant experiences by applying unified insights across advertising and marketing campaigns, customer support cases, loyalty programs, and ecommerce.

Link product codes

Connect SKUs, UPCs, or proprietary product IDs into a unified product record to improve tracking across stores and supply chains.

How to get started

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