AWS Entity Resolution Partners


LiveRamp is a leading data collaboration platform helping businesses connect, control and activate data through a consistent identity framework.

“Identity resolution is a foundational requirement for companies to unlock the full value of their data, a critical need for marketing teams, analysts, and model builders focused on customer insights. LiveRamp’s partnership with AWS is focused on enabling privacy-centric identity workflows, and as a lead AWS Entity Resolution integration partner, we look forward to delivering even more value to companies in the cloud by advancing customer intelligence, partner collaboration, and better business outcomes.”

Noel McMichael, VP of Commercial Cloud, LiveRamp


TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible by ensuring each person is reliably represented in the marketplace.

“Despite continued investments in new technology and data, marketers still struggle to understand their customers and connect their interactions. We look forward to applying the power of our solutions through AWS Entity Resolution to help brands and publishers leverage their data for insights, audience creation, and more while reducing data movement.”

Ryan Engle, TransUnion’s VP of Identity Solutions and Platform Integrations for its TruAudience marketing solutions


Deloitte Digital combines consulting and creativity to solve new problems with new ideas and unlock growth across the entire customer experience.

"Knowing your customers is more important than ever, which is why we’re helping our clients with a comprehensive approach to identity management so they can make sensible, context-based decisions. Services like AWS Entity Resolution can help our clients better understand their customers and deliver better, more personalized experiences."

Vincent Chisari, Head of Performance Marketing, Deloitte Digital


Slalom is a purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company.

“Slalom is thrilled to support AWS Entity Resolution as a partner. In order to deliver tailored and relevant customer experiences, brands are making unprecedented investments in first-party data. AWS Entity Resolution will help customers link and match disparate records such as customer interactions across channels and devices, so they can deliver more compelling advertising and marketing messages.”

Rio Longacre, Managing Director, Slalom Consulting