AWS Entity Resolution Customers

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Merkle specializes in the creation and delivery of unique and relevant customer experiences that help drive performance across all media and devices. 

"We have successfully used AWS Entity Resolution to perform both deterministic and predictive matching of users across multiple datasets and with high match rates, allowing us to enhance customer experiences with more complete views of their profiles. Moreover, we are now able to drastically improve the level of automation for our clients, allowing them to focus on data activation and insights rather than being caught up on data preparation."

Oscar Wooley, Head of Data Solutions, Merkle

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BWH Hotels is a global hotel brand with a mission to deliver trusted guest experiences.

"Understanding our hotel guests and their preferences is incredibly important to delivering exceptional traveler experiences. To enable this, we must consolidate our data into a unified view of each guest, such that we can more effectively communicate, personalize, and provide support around the guest journey. However, consolidating disparate sets of data is challenging, as customer information is fragmented and lives across multiple repositories. We are excited to be one of the first beta customers to test this new service and to incorporate AWS Entity Resolution workflows into our Guest Profile process. AWS Entity Resolution allows us to easily match and link these disparate records to create a 360-degree view of our customers, enabling us to deliver a more personalized guest experience at every touch point, across our portfolio of hotels around the globe."

Joseph W. Landucci, Director of Technology Management, BWH Hotels

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ActionIQ is an enterprise composable customer data platform provider solving complex data problems such as audience segmentation, customer 360, real-time personalization, and journey orchestration—helping brands activate data anywhere in the customer experience.

"We are thrilled to be an early customer of AWS Entity Resolution, as the service aligns with our vision to modernize the customer data landscape. ActionIQ's platform, powered by AWS technology, is dedicated to arming marketers with seamless access to customer data and enhancing the overall customer experience for enterprise organizations. During our early experimentation with AWS Entity Resolution, we were impressed with the flexibility to customize the workflows and how the service quickly hit industry-class benchmarks in terms of speed and match rates. AWS Entity Resolution will help marketers augment the value of their data and harness the ongoing transformation of the identity resolution and marketing technology space."

Justin DeBrabant, Chief Product Officer, ActionIQ

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Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a secure, privacy-safe clean room application from Amazon Ads that supports thousands of marketers with custom analytics.

"Today it can be challenging for marketers to prepare and analyze the signals used within clean rooms without heavy lifting. Now Amazon Ads customers can use AWS Entity Resolution to simplify the process of preparing signals before analyzing them in Amazon Marketing Cloud for use cases like cross-channel measurement or custom audience activation through Amazon DSP."

Paula Despins, Vice President of Ads Measurement, Amazon Ads


Throtle is an identity solutions company that is the backbone to successful healthcare omnichannel marketing initiatives that accurately target and reach the right individuals, driving better outcomes faster.

"We understand the delicate balance of data-driven marketing, which is why our approach to identity emphasizes innovation in a compliant way. Partnering with AWS Entity Resolution is a natural complement to our identity services given its focus on improving matching accuracy through advanced configurations, all while protecting data security. Throtle thrives on partnering with brands and agencies to achieve superior 1:1 accuracy without sacrificing scale."

Maggie Jordan, Chief Strategy Officer, Throtle

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The Washington Post is an award-winning news leader whose mission is to connect, inform and enlighten local, national and global readers with trustworthy reporting, in-depth analysis and engaging opinions. It combines world-class journalism with the latest technology and tools so readers can interact with The Post anytime, anywhere.

“The Washington Post delivers and fosters engagement around politics and culture. LiveRamp’s integration with AWS Entity Resolution is an exciting marketing enhancement that will enable us to bring experiences to our audiences in a data-driven way. Enhancing the data solutions in our cloud environment is critical for us to better reach and engage our audiences and securely collaborate with partners.”

Josh Peters, Head of Global Commercial Data Strategy, Partnerships and Governance at The Washington Post