What's New with AWS Entity Resolution

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AWS re:Invent 2023 - Building interoperability and data collaboration workloads with AWS

Learn from Shaila Mathias, Adam Solomon and Davor Golac from AWS and Justin DeBrabrant from ActionIQ about how companies use AWS technology to interoperate and collaborate more effectively across advertising and marketing platforms to enhance activation and measurement use cases.

AWS Entity Resolution launches at the AWS New York Summit

Learn how ActionIQ and Merkle are using AWS Entity Resolution to match and link records without building custom solutions. Hear AWS experts explain how companies can use machine learning (ML) and rule-based techniques to optimize data matching based on your business needs in a few clicks.

AWS On Air featuring AWS Entity Resolution

Learn how to match and link related records stored across multiple disparate applications, channels, and stores with a few clicks with configurable workflows that only take minutes to set up. Watch AWS On Air with Shobhit Gupta and Punit Shah explain how customers can use this service today.


Learn more from blogs that describe how to use AWS Entity Resolution for key use cases, and how to take advantage of important features. 

There are no AWS Entity Resolution blogs available at this time, please visit AWS blogs to view all blog content.


Explore prescriptive technical guidance to meet specific use cases with AWS Entity Resolution.

Prepare and validate records for AWS Entity Resolution.

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Customize normalization library for AWS Entity Resolution.

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AWS Entity Resolution User Guide

This user guide provides a conceptual overview of AWS Entity Resolution and offers step-by-step instructions for how to match, link, and enhance related records.

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AWS Entity Resolution API Reference

This API reference describes all the API operations for AWS Entity Resolution in detail.

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