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Part 2 - Introducing Amazon Omics - Automated End-to-End Genomics Data Storage and Analysis

Part 2: Automated End-to-End Genomics Data Storage and Analysis using Amazon Omics

We would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions of David Obenshain, Gargi Singh Chhatwal, and Joshua Broyde, who are Solutions Architects at AWS. With the rapid advancement and use of Genomic sequencing within research and clinical organizations, we need reliable, reproducible, scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure to manage data and compute resources. Organizations want to spend […]

Part 1 - Introducing Amazon Omics - From sequence data to insights, securely and at scale

Part 1: Introducing Amazon Omics—from sequence data to insights, securely and at scale

This is the first installation of a two-part series detailing the launch of Amazon Omics. The second installation provides deeper technical details. We are excited to launch the general availability of Amazon Omics–a purpose-built service that will help bioinformaticians, researchers, and scientists store, query, analyze, and generate insights from genomic, transcriptomic, and other omics data. […]

Amazon HealthLake Imaging Partners

Amazon HealthLake Imaging Partners

Amazon HealthLake Imaging is a new HIPAA-eligible capability that enables healthcare providers and their software partners to store, access, and analyze medical images at petabyte scale. For customers who want to accelerate their digital transformation of medical imaging to the cloud, Amazon HealthLake Imaging Partners provide solutions and services that can help. Whether it is […]

Accelerate embedded software development using QNX® Neutrino® OS on Amazon EC2 Graviton

This blog was authored by Carine MacPherson, Patrick Bartsch, Chavi Gupta, Mehran Najafi, Stefano Marzani, Brett Francis, and Michael Garcia. Today, BlackBerry announced that customers who build mission-critical, deterministic, embedded systems using BlackBerry QNX, such as those in the automotive, robotics, aerospace, avionics, energy and medical industries, now, have the agility, speed, and scale of […]

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Unlocking immersive golfing experiences with AWS Wavelength

In 2021, over 25 million people played a round of golf at over 16,000 courses nationwide. Across each of those rounds, golf carts continue to play a major role in the player experience. From custom yardage and course GPS, to the leather-backed seats and, most importantly, ample storage to carry the golf clubs, golf carts […]

Introducing AWS for Advertising & Marketing: Helping customers reinvent the industry with purpose-built services, solutions, and partners

Advertising and marketing technology is experiencing unprecedented disruption and transformation. For example, exponential growth in media consumption creates infrastructure challenges for companies to handle tens of millions of requests per second at single-digit millisecond latency. Companies across the industry need mechanisms to collaborate and interoperate across advertising and marketing platforms, but also want to protect […]

Merck Builds HawkAVI Platform on AWS to Reduce Product Reject Rates

Merck Builds HawkAVI Platform on AWS to Reduce Product Reject Rates

Blog is guest authored by Nitin Kaul and Guglielmo Iozzia of Merck & Co., Inc. Improving the productivity of manufacturing operations is vital for pharmaceutical companies, so patients can get the critical medicines they need, faster. While patient safety has always been the highest priority, Merck & Co., Inc. (MSD), the leading global biopharmaceutical company, […]

AWS features Amazon HealthLake Imaging at RSNA22

AWS features Amazon HealthLake Imaging at RSNA22

Medical imaging plays a powerful role in diagnosis, treatment plans, and even medical research. To better help healthcare customers leverage imaging to deliver patient-centered care, AWS will be presenting purpose-built medical imaging solutions at RSNA22 in Chicago that can help improve clinical collaboration and accelerate innovation. The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2022 is the […]

AWS Glue successfully assessed for all 14 controls in the EDM Council’s CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) framework

AWS Glue has successfully completed an external assessment that confirms that its reference architecture provides comprehensive controls for protecting sensitive data in the cloud. AWS is the first cloud service provider to have completed an internal and external assessment of the CDMC controls framework. A leading data and strategy consulting organization (the firm) assessed the […]

Simplify consumer experiences using Amazon One

Discover three ways businesses can deliver faster, more convenient contactless experiences to consumers. Organizations are embracing contactless technology to simplify the consumer experience and accelerate transactions. Many contactless options require consumers to tap a contactless-capable card or hover a smartphone over a reader. With both options, consumers need their payment or identification method in hand. But […]