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Building digital twins with IBM for energy and utilities customers on AWS

Building digital twins with IBM for energy and utilities customers on AWS

“We really need to kick the carbon habit and stop making our energy from burning things. Climate change is also really important. You can wreck one rainforest then move, drain one area of resources and move onto another, but climate change is global.” —Sir David Attenborough Greenhouse gases that are already present in the atmosphere […]

The Transformative Impact of Generative AI in Manufacturing at Hannover Messe 2024

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a cornerstone technology, driving significant advancements in manufacturing through the creation of synthetic data and images, optimized designs, process simulations, insights from operational data, and more. Recent research from Capgemini indicates that a substantial majority of manufacturers are not just curious about generative AI; 55% are actively exploring […]

INVISTA’s operational transformation with Matterport and AWS IoT TwinMaker

In manufacturing, there’s a fine line between efficiency and redundancy that can make a big difference in market leadership. The recent operational overhaul at INVISTA, a global producer of chemical intermediates, polymers, and fibers, is not just an advancement but practically a complete transformation. INVISTA turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for help in its […]

Flexible EDA licensing in AWS with Synopsys Cloud BYOC with FlexEDA

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools are critical for designing silicon chips. In the cloud, pay-per-use mechanisms are the norm, but this traditionally isn’t the case for EDA licensing which can limit organizations’ ability to scale EDA on AWS. Synopsys Cloud Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) with FlexEDA is a groundbreaking solution that addresses this need. […]

Three trends in manufacturing innovation for 2024

Different manufacturing customers are in different stages of their digital transformation journeys and therefore have different preferences on how they want to approach the transformation process. To kick-start their digital transformations, manufacturing customers are looking to extract insights from their data and deliver business outcomes, which is now simpler than ever due to technologies such […]

Edge2Web no-code tools suite for AWS IoT SiteWise

Powered by AWS IoT SiteWise, Edge2Web Factory Insights is a ready-made SaaS smart manufacturing solution tailored to shop floor operators, supervisors, and managers. Factory Insights gives organizations instant visibility into key performance metrics such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Overall Operations Effectiveness (OOE), Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP), and MTBF/MTTR. Manufacturers use Factory Insights to […]

Ingest and analyze equipment data in the cloud

To remain competitive, an industrial company in the process manufacturing space needs real-time visibility on how their plants are operating and performing. This blog describes how an industrial company created a dashboard solution to optimize their manufacturing process by ingesting and analyzing equipment data from a distillery plant to AWS securely. The need for data-driven […]

AWS and Safran Passenger Innovations bring together a SmartPipe platform for updates between aircraft and the cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Safran Passenger Innovations (SPI) – a global leader for In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity Systems, built an aircraft data connectivity platform called SmartPipe. This scalable, cloud-connected platform provides aircraft operators with the ability to establish connections between an aircraft and the cloud, and communicate with each other to exchange data. Aircraft […]

Carrier and AWS collaborate to reduce food spoilage across the cold chain

Introduction Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping power digital transformation to improve food sustainability for suppliers, manufacturers, logistics, consumers, and everyone in between. Announced on Oct. 8, AWS and Carrier are collaborating to innovate and develop Lynx, a digital platform that unifies the highly fragmented cold chain to reduce food spoilage, support end-to-end visibility, and […]

Carbon Scales Production 3D Models Using AWS GPU Instances

Carbon is a world-leading digital manufacturing platform that helps companies bring innovative products to market faster. The Carbon DLS™ process combines versatile printers, advanced software, and best-in-class materials to deliver functional parts with end-use performance and aesthetics – helping engineers and designers to create products that outperform expectations. From prototyping and low-volume production to production-at-scale, […]