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The Transformative Impact of Generative AI in Manufacturing at Hannover Messe 2024

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a cornerstone technology, driving significant advancements in manufacturing through the creation of synthetic data and images, optimized designs, process simulations, insights from operational data, and more. Recent research from Capgemini indicates that a substantial majority of manufacturers are not just curious about generative AI; 55% are actively exploring […]

Generative AI for Semiconductor Design and Verification

The emergence of generative AI presents tremendous opportunities for advancing technical and business processes in high tech and semiconductor industries. From optimizing complex system design processes to accelerating time-to-market for new products, generative AI has unlimited potential to improve engineering and manufacturing methodologies and processes. Generative design methodologies powered by AI can automatically design chips […]

Accelerate chip-design verification process by running Siemens EDA Calibre on AWS

Amazon is also a fabless semiconductor company. Several tapeouts are completed every year that result in products like Kindle, FireTV, Echo, etc. Amazon Web Services (AWS) does its inhouse semiconductor design for its data center operations through its internal team at Annapurna Labs. AWS Graviton, an ARM based CPU as well as AWS Trainium and […]

Edge2Web no-code tools suite for AWS IoT SiteWise

Powered by AWS IoT SiteWise, Edge2Web Factory Insights is a ready-made SaaS smart manufacturing solution tailored to shop floor operators, supervisors, and managers. Factory Insights gives organizations instant visibility into key performance metrics such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Overall Operations Effectiveness (OOE), Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP), and MTBF/MTTR. Manufacturers use Factory Insights to […]

Improve tire manufacturing effectiveness with a process digital twin

Introduction to the concept of a process twin for tires | What problem does it solve? The process digital twin for tire manufacturing aims to improve the Golden Batch mixing process and, as a result, reduce the number of overall noncompliant products (NCPs) as well as the associated offgrade percent. Through standardized, pre-modeled controls and […]

Cut time to results without changing your EDA flows

Using advanced node technology to successfully manufacture a chip is getting harder as chip geometries continue to shrink. Electronic Design Automation (EDA) consumes more compute, storage, and time. Giving your engineers more time to iterate and find bugs in the design and verification phases will result in saving millions in re-spins and lost revenue. Further […]

Industrial Automation Software Management on AWS—Best Practices for Operational Excellence

Factory or intralogistics automation, which can include assembly stations, sortation stations, robots, and conveyors, are programmed and operated by their respective native controllers or programmable logic controllers (PLCs). These controllers execute programs to control physical equipment to accomplish a task—for example, painting a car with the specified color or sorting an item by its barcode […]

Optimizing HPC deployments with EC2 Fleet and IBM Spectrum LSF

Introduction High performance computing (HPC) workloads are becoming complex with the advent of big data, advanced node electronic design automation (EDA) for chip design, and high-precision verification. Enterprises are adopting Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet the constantly growing compute demands in HPC. Worldwide HPC in the Cloud Forecast 2020–2026 from Hyperion Research (June 2022) […]

Introducing Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights, a fully managed analytics engine, commonly used by capital markets customers for analysis of real-time and historical time series data

Today, AWS is announcing Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights, a new capability that makes it simple to configure, run, and manage kdb Insights on AWS. KX Systems’ kdb Insights, a high-performance analytics engine, is optimized for analyzing real-time and multi-petabyte historical time series data. Kdb Insights is widely used in capital markets to power […]

Tehama leverages Graviton cost efficiency to strengthen business core competency

Introduction AWS designed Graviton processors aiming to deliver the best price-performance for cloud computing. Since it launched in 2018, many customers of different sizes (start-ups to enterprises) have adopted Graviton for various workloads. Tehama, the world’s first Carrier for Work, has embraced the cost savings and environmental benefits associated with AWS Graviton for their all-in-one […]