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How Oxy uses SensorUp Gas Emission Management Solution for informed decision-making and strategic operations

How Oxy uses SensorUp Gas Emission Management Solution for informed decision-making and strategic operations

Multifaceted challenges in emission management Managing methane emissions has become increasingly important in the dynamic oil and gas sector. Operators are embracing the opportunity to meet rising emission monitoring requirements, using the wealth of data from screening sensors, addressing emissions fees, and enhancing their reputation by proactively managing super emitter identification. These opportunities are supported […]

Ingest and analyze equipment data in the cloud

To remain competitive, an industrial company in the process manufacturing space needs real-time visibility on how their plants are operating and performing. This blog describes how an industrial company created a dashboard solution to optimize their manufacturing process by ingesting and analyzing equipment data from a distillery plant to AWS securely. The need for data-driven […]

Improve tire manufacturing effectiveness with a process digital twin

Introduction to the concept of a process twin for tires | What problem does it solve? The process digital twin for tire manufacturing aims to improve the Golden Batch mixing process and, as a result, reduce the number of overall noncompliant products (NCPs) as well as the associated offgrade percent. Through standardized, pre-modeled controls and […]

IDEMIA: How a global leader in identity leverages AWS to improve productivity in Manufacturing

Introduction When you travel abroad, your passport may have been manufactured by IDEMIA, or when you pay with bank cards, which may also come from IDEMIA. Spanning over 40 industrial sites worldwide, IDEMIA produces highly confidential products such as bank cards, passports, and SIM cards, totaling over 800 million bank cards a year. IDEMIA is […]

Using Cloud Technology to Better Protect Power Grids from Physical Threats

When was the last time you thought about how the power stays on? Probably not since you lost power in a storm. We take it for granted that the electricity and natural gas will flow. In today’s world, electricity and gas are a core foundation of the economy and of society, making energy one of […]

Next Generation CPE Command and Control Architectures on AWS feature card

Next Generation CPE Command and Control Architectures on AWS

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) manage millions of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) like broadband routers, Wi-Fi gateways, and more. Traditionally, most of these devices have been managed by standards such as TR-069 (CPE WAN Management Protocol or CWMP) from Broadband Forum. However, although TR-069 has been effective for basic management and configuration, it presents drawbacks in […]

Daikin uses AWS to build remote monitoring and predictive maintenance system

About Daikin Daikin is a leading innovator and worldwide provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. They are committed to elevating the quality of air in homes, businesses, and public spaces with a complete line of energy-efficient and intelligent products. As a global leader in HVAC&R applications, they […]

How to control distributed energy resources using AWS IoT

Controllable distributed energy resources (DERs) are key to the successful transition to a zero-carbon grid. Industry context Distributed energy resources (DERs) are controllable energy assets that can generate, store, or consume energy. Examples of DERs are thermostats, heat pumps, batteries, boilers, electric vehicles (EVs), smart inverters, and so on. The ability to control DERs plays […]

Enhancing Store Inventory feature card

Enhancing Retail Store Inventory Management through RFID Technology & AWS

Guidance for RFID Store Inventory Management on AWS The need for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is growing. Retailers face many challenges in managing their inventory, including out-of-stock situations, misplaced items, and shrinkage. These challenges can impact the bottom line and hurt the customer experience. To address these issues, retailers are increasingly turning to RFID technologies. […]

How we built this on aws feature card

How We Built This on AWS: ConnectedFresh

The How We Built This blog series features conversations with C-suite executives that are building innovative restaurant technologies on AWS Every restaurant operator knows the stress of unforeseen equipment outages and food safety concerns. These issues often result in reactive responses, which can be expensive and diminish the time spent enhancing guest experiences. However, restaurant […]