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New Blog for the AWS SDK for PHP

Hello fellow PHP developers! Welcome to our new blog for the AWS SDK for PHP. I’m Jeremy Lindblom, and I work with Michael Dowling on the AWS SDK for PHP here at Amazon Web Services. We will be working together on this blog to bring you articles and tips about the PHP SDK and post […]

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Threading with the AWS SDK for Ruby

When using threads in an application, it’s important to keep thread-safety in mind. This statement is not specific to the Ruby world; it’s a reality in any language that supports threading. What is specific to Ruby is the fact that many libraries in our language are loaded at run-time, and often, loading code at run-time […]

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Contributing to the AWS SDK for Ruby

We love getting contributions from the community to the AWS SDK for Ruby. Whether it be added features, fixed bugs, or just extra optimizations, submitting a pull request helps make the SDK better for all of our users. Since we started the project, the SDK has seen over 60 contributors providing everything from a one […]

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