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DKIM Troubleshooting Series: Where is My Signature?

9/15/16 Update: There has been a small simplification to the steps you use to set up Easy DKIM. See this forum announcement for details. In this blog series so far, we have seen various problems that could prevent us from having Amazon SES verify the DKIM setup for our domain, and some possible causes (and […]

DKIM Troubleshooting Series: Your DKIM Status is Pending

In the previous blog entry we started the process of setting up DKIM for a domain. We generated the DKIM records and succeeded in adding them to our DNS. We’re all set, right? I have added the records to my DNS but my domain’s DKIM verification status is still Pending After waiting for the 72 […]

Scripting Amazon SES with Powershell – Attempts and Bounces

Did you know that you can interact with Amazon SES using Windows Powershell? To get started, download the AWS Tools for Windows Powershell and configure Powershell. Let’s get your total deliveries and total bounces for the last two weeks. Powershell uses the GetSendStatistics Amazon SES API to get this data. Here is the full script. […]

Using IIS SMTP on Windows 2008/2012 with Amazon SES

A natural extension for customers using Windows Server 2012 on AWS is to use Amazon SES for sending email. This post shows you how to configure the IIS SMTP service that is included with Windows to send email through Amazon SES. You can use the same configuration on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 […]

What is DMARC and should you use it?

This past year, the email industry launched a new standard to help senders protect their mail from being spoofed by phishing attempts.  Thus, DMARC was born.  It stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance.”  It’s a mouthful, but the impact of DMARC is significant.  LinkedIn has a good article describing what exactly DMARC brings […]