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AWS Mobile at Xamarin Evolve 2014

If you’re going to Xamarin Evolve 2014, consider attending a session presented by Tara Walker, an Amazon Web Services Technical Evangelist. Her session shows you how to build great mobile apps that leverage AWS Mobile services to provide identity management and data sync (Amazon Cognito), push notifications (Amazon SNS Mobile Push), cloud storage (Amazon S3), and a fully-managed NoSQL database (Amazon DynamoDB). The session includes a step-by-step journey so you can see how to add services to your cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin and C#, configure AWS services, and then integrate the services into your backend architecture. You’ll learn how you can build your own cross-platform mobile app on AWS.

Tara is a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, dedicating her time to help developers build apps in the AWS cloud. Tara has most recently been working on evangelizing cross-platform development and AWS Mobile Services in conjunction with the AWS Mobile team. Tara is a software engineer who has been spreading the “good news” about various development platforms and languages for over 15 years as a developer evangelist at Microsoft and various other Fortune 500 companies. During that time, Tara has had an opportunity to work with a myriad of technologies, languages, and frameworks for mobile, gaming, cloud, web, and NUI development. You can find Tara on Twitter at @taraw.